Dinosaur Bedtime Buddies – Better than a Hot Water Bottle Any Day

There are a number of dinosaur soft toys in the market place, the staff at Everything Dinosaur have even helped design a few, however, it is always exciting to see something different come along and get put through our testing programme.

Dinosaur Soft Toys

The new “Cozy Plush” or as we prefer to call them our “Dinosaur Bedtime Buddies” range certainly fits the bill as being a little different, they are a soft toy and hot water bottle combined.  Filled with specially treated wheat grains the Apatosaurus, Triceratops and delightful Stegosaurus that make up this range can be microwaved to make them lovely, cosy and warm, ideal bedtime companions for little children.

Dinosaur Bedtime Buddies

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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Made from super soft materials, these tactile and very cuddly dinosaurs comply with the British Safety Standard BS8433-2004 and the International Toy Safety Standard EN71-1/2/3/9.  The green Apatosaurus, purple Stegosaurus and the blue Triceratops are scented with lavender to help young ones get off to sleep.  They are very huggable and cute.  You may see the Apatosaurus sold elsewhere as Brontosaurus, but the dinosaur experts at Everything Dinosaur know that every self-respecting young palaeontologist would soon tell you that the name Brontosaurus is officially no longer recognised.  This is why our green dinosaur is described as Apatosaurus and comes with its own Apatosaurus fact sheet.


Here is the reason why Brontosaurus as a name for a dinosaur is no longer valid:

The eminent American palaeontologist Othniel Charles Marsh described and named Apatosaurus in 1877 from fossils found near the town of Morrison in Colorado, USA.  Two years later, bones of what was thought to be another dinosaur were found at a quarry at Como Bluff, Wyoming.  This animal was described and named as Brontosaurus “Thunder Lizard” by Marsh.  As more skeletons were found, scientists realised that these two dinosaurs were actually the same genus, and since Apatosaurus was described first, the name Brontosaurus had to be disregarded.

In 1905 when the world’s first long-necked dinosaur skeleton went on display at the American Museum of Natural History it was wrongly labelled as Brontosaurus.  Thanks to this and many Hollywood films, the name Brontosaurus seems to have stuck in people’s imaginations and for many years “Thunder Lizard”, that is what the name Brontosaurus means in Latin, was one of the best-known dinosaurs.

Palaeontologists were so fond of the name Brontosaurus, that when an early example of this type of dinosaur was discovered in the United States, it was name Eobrontosaurus “Early Thunder Lizard”, so that the genus name could be associated once more with the fossil record.

Cute and Cuddly Microwavable Dinosaur Soft Toys

Cute and cuddly Dinosaurs.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

With no plastic beads for eyes or other parts likely to get hot, these soft and very huggable dinosaurs are ideal for young children.  Scented with lavender to aid relaxation these microwavable dinosaurs beat a hot water bottle every time.

Just what you need with the winter nights drawing in.


Following a revision of diplodocid fossil material, Brontosaurus is regarded as a valid genus.

The soft toys featured in this article are no longer available.

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