2010 Word Search Answers – Everything Dinosaur Calendar

As the year draws to a close, something like seventy days to Christmas, team members at Everything Dinosaur are in the process of putting together the finishing touches for their 2010 dinosaur themed calendar.

Everything Dinosaur

Palaeontologists can not be sure about the colour of dinosaurs, colours and pigments are very rarely preserved in the fossil record.  Scientists, cannot be certain about the colours and markings on a Tyrannosaurus or on a Triceratops for example.  However, young palaeontologists get the chance to decide what colour dinosaurs should be with the Everything Dinosaur calendar.

On each page of the calendar there is an illustration of a prehistoric animal, children are encouraged to colour them in and work out how dinosaurs really looked.  Next years calendar features Chasmosaurus, Maiasaura, Muttaburrasaurus, Tarbosaurus and a whole host of other creatures.

Word Search Answers

There is also a word search with lots of different terms related to dinosaurs and fossil hunting hidden in the grid.

Here are the answers:

2010 Word Search Answers

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

We hope you like the 2010 calendar, we will have this item for sale on our website soon, it is currently being printed and should be available in about a week or so.

Visit Everything Dinosaur’s award-winning website: Everything Dinosaur.

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