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Lots of science weeks and school exercises at the moment for Everything Dinosaur team members, they are always fun (but hard work too).  We were invited to attend a “Dinosaur Day” at a school in the wonderful county of Cumbria yesterday.  Happy to meet all the young, enthusiastic and knowledgeable dinosaur fans, trouble was we had to get up at 4.30am to arrive in time to start the first session.

Long days and early starts are not too bad, especially this time of year with the light mornings.  We spent the day at the school, carrying out a range of activities for children aged 5 years to 11 years (KS1 and KS2).  By the end of the day we had covered a round trip of 298 miles, so we were very tired but some of the views of the Lake District that we had on our way to the school were awesome.

Not a Bad Place to Work – A View of the Lakes

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur

These early starts certainly have some compensations.  We stopped for a flask of coffee and sandwich and just relaxed for a while and enjoyed the view.  As well as being very beautiful and a favourite destination for walkers and bikers there is some amazing geology to see (and lots of fossils to collect), but that will be for another day, but we could not help ourselves when we saw a very inviting scree slope that we were very tempted to clamber up.

One thing for certain, we get the chance to visit some amazing places on behalf of our work for Everything Dinosaur.

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