Dinosaur Wall Murals – Ideas for a Dinosaur Themed Bedroom

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A Dinosaur Wall Mural

Team members at Everything Dinosaur have just completed our testing programme and added to our product range, this wonderful and very colourful dinosaur mural.  Turn a child’s bedroom wall or part of a classroom into your own dinosaur theme park with this 3-D computer generated image of the world of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals.

Dinosaur Wall Mural

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur

This wall mural is made up of 12 strips which can be assembled and stuck to the wall of a child’s bedroom or a school room to make your very own dinosaur “dino-rama”.  Although such a scene is entirely a fabrication of the designer, we love the way that all sorts of prehistoric animals from the Mesozoic have been put into the mural together.

Clearly this reconstruction is not accurate, firstly the animals featured are separated by millions of years of evolution and many of the genera depicted lived on different continents.  However, this picture and many reconstructions of prehistoric life seen in dinosaur books are merely representations of life and not actual depictions of genuine prehistoric environments.  Another reason why such busy-looking panoramas are not the equivalent of typical snapshots of a habitat is perhaps not so obvious as the other two reasons mentioned above.

In reality, it is most unlikely that so many different individuals of different species of large animals would be in the same area at exactly the same time.  If you talk to any wildlife photographer or speak with anyone involved in wildlife illustrations, artwork or even nature themed television programmes, they will tell you how unrepresentative such pictures are.  However, this is not the point; the mural nicely depicts a whole host of prehistoric animals in relatively accurate and natural poses.

The mural represents a sort of “pictorial palaeontological garden” and we are confident it will delight many dinosaur fans and enthusiasts.

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Putting aside the one or two inaccuracies, this dinosaur land mural is easy to put up and can cover a wall 10 feet wide by 8 feet tall (3.05 metres x 2.44 metres).  It can be easily trimmed (we found wallpaper scissors or robust kitchen scissors worked fine), so that it can fit any wall.  The special backing to the mural prevents any underlying wallpaper from being seen, so there is no need to strip off the existing wallpaper to fit this mural.  It requires adhesive to stick it to the wall, we found wallpaper paste worked well and as it was supplied in 12 strips it was very easy to handle and put up.

A Dinosaur Themed Bedroom

Dinosaur themed bedroom mural.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur