The BBC – Bring Back the Cretaceous

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Trip to the BBC (Bring Back the Cretaceous)

This week is forecast to be one of the hottest on record in the United Kingdom, not the sort of weather for getting onto a crowded train and heading off into the big city, but for one of Everything Dinosaur’s team members, this was their first job on Monday morning.

A spokesman for Everything Dinosaur had been asked by BBC Radio Scotland to discuss the upcoming Walking with Dinosaurs tour that kicks off its British dates in Glasgow.  Fortunately, this did not mean a trip up north, but instead a team member was invited to the BBC Manchester studios to take part in the broadcast.

Everything Dinosaur at the BBC

It can be an odd feeling sitting in a little broadcasting booth with headphones on listening to and taking part in a conversation with people who are in effect several hundred miles away, but this is all in a day’s work for us.

Armed with our notes and with some assistance from the lovely BBC staff (special mention for Ann, who kept us supplied with water), the whole interview was conducted in about 15 minutes.  The programme was going out live on BBC Radio Scotland – MacAulay and Co, a consumer affairs programme.  The feature concerned a debate between yours truly and a Scottish comedienne who could not understand why dinosaurs are still so popular.

Broadcasting at the BBC

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur

Looking a little hot but bearing up on the pressure of having to defend the popularity of dinosaurs – Everything Dinosaur broadcasting at the BBC.

As we were waiting for the radio programme to start, we played a game making up new meanings for the acronym BBC – the best we could come up with was “Bring Back the Cretaceous” – must have been nervous preparing for the radio interview.

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