A Chance to go Digging for Dinosaurs

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Digging for Dinosaurs in the Dinosaur Provincial Park (Canada)

Looking for something to do over the Summer holidays, something a little bit out of the ordinary and unusual, well how do you fancy taking part in a real dinosaur excavation at a World Heritage site?

Digging for Dinosaurs

The Dinosaur Provincial Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, situated in the Badlands of Southern Alberta, Canada, is offering a new dinosaur excavation programme.  For either one or two days participants (must be over 14), get the chance to take part in a real dinosaur bone bed excavation, working on real dinosaur fossils and helping to map the site and excavate Late Cretaceous dinosaurs.

The programme has been titled: “Bone Bed 30 – Guided Excavation Program”  not perhaps the most exciting or catchy title but an opportunity to help excavate dinosaur bones and take part in real research is a very serious business and there are very few opportunities to participate in such excavations.  The package is being offered throughout the Summer months (runs July to early September), and one or two day programmes are available.

Digging for Dinosaurs

Digging for Dinosaurs

Pause for a pic next to a digs station.  Team members at Everything Dinosaur have worked on fossil dig sites.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

For any person lucky enough to be in that area of southern Alberta this Summer, we would heartily recommend you taking up this opportunity to, as the tourism information says:

“Unearth the past, contribute to the future”

To learn more about the opportunity to help excavate real dinosaur bones, visit the Dinosaur Provincial Park’s official website.

Dinosaur Models

Everything Dinosaur stocks a wide variety of prehistoric animal models and replicas including many models of dinosaurs, fossils of which come from the Upper Cretaceous deposits of the Dinosaur Provincial Park Formation.

For example, the PNSO range includes models of ceratopsians, tyrannosaurs and duck-billed dinosaurs: PNSO Age of Dinosaurs Models and Figures.