New Models from CollectA

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New Prehistoric Animal Models from CollectA

Everything Dinosaur announces new models from CollectA.

The manufacturer known as CollectA has continued to add new prehistoric animals to its very successful and popular CollectA model series, also known by Everything Dinosaur team members as the Dinosaur Collection.  The range has recently been expanded and the trend continued to add slightly more unusual animals to the series.

Recent additions have been a baby Woolly Mammoth calf, Sarcosuchus (a giant crocodile from the Cretaceous), Tylosaurus a fierce mosasaur (marine reptile), plus of course more dinosaurs.  The new dinosaur models, include a juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex plus Olorotitan, a hadrosaurine from Siberia and Becklespinax.  Becklespinax was a fierce meat-eating dinosaur, fossils have been found in the United Kingdom.

Additions to the CollectA Prehistoric Animal Model Range

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view the CollectA range: CollectA Age of Dinosaurs Prehistoric Life Models.

New Models from CollectA

It is pleasing to see dinosaurs like Becklespinax being added to the range.  The CollectA range already contains a number of prehistoric animals associated with Britain, Baryonyx, Polacanthus, Iguanodon and Neovenator for example.  Mind you, the collection also features models of dinosaurs from other parts of the world.  For instance, one of the new additions (CollectA dinosaurs) is a model of Rhoetosaurus in a rearing stance.  Rhoetosaurus is a sauropod, fossils of which are associated with Queensland, Australia.

All the models supplied by Everything Dinosaur, come with their own, unique fact sheet.  The fact sheets are written and produced by the dinosaur experts at Everything Dinosaur.

The new CollectA Baby Woolly Mammoth Photographed with the CollectA 1:20 Scale Mammoth

CollectA Woolly Mammoth models.

The CollectA Deluxe Woolly Mammoth model in 1:20 scale and the CollectA Prehistoric Life Woolly Mammoth calf.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur