Everything Dinosaur in the Local Paper

As a company run by parents, teachers and real dinosaur experts (Everything Dinosaur), we tend to be regarded as quite unusual.  We certainly stand out amongst the other businesses in our area, a fact that has allowed Everything Dinosaur to gain a lot of publicity regarding our educational activities with schools and other organisations.

Everything Dinosaur

None of us would claim to be experts in the art of public relations, but PR does play an important part in our marketing communications mix.  Public Relations is concerned with the management of relationships between organisations and their stakeholders (publics), be they customers, financiers, suppliers and so on.

A typical example of PR for Everything Dinosaur is when we got our new van and wanted to put some signage on it to promote us.  Rather than opt for the more prosaic options, we ran a competition and the winning design incorporated the concept of the van being attacked by a dinosaur.  Certainly this design was very different from the run of the mill signage seen on other vehicles.

Our new “Dino-Van” was so eye-catching that the local paper sent a photographer round when the vehicle signage was unveiled.

The “Dino-Van” Article in the Local Paper

Picture and story credit: Middlewich Guardian

The picture shows one of our team members collecting the van keys from a member of the signage company that brought our concept of a van attacked by a dinosaur to life (Intent Signs).

Our “Dino Van”

The article states that Everything Dinosaur will be using the dino-design to inspire school children on science projects involving dinosaurs.

To quote the article:

“Even through a recession, innovative and hard-working local companies are bucking the current trend and being successful in these difficult times”.

Publicity is always useful, and although it takes a little time and effort to achieve the right results, we think it is very worthwhile.

Visit Everything Dinosaur’s award-winning website: Everything Dinosaur.

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