CollectA Becklespinax Dinosaur Model

CollectA have announced that amongst their new models to be introduced to their “popular” dinosaur range, the one we at Everything Dinosaur refer to as the “not-to-scale” series, there is going to be a CollectA Becklespinax.  Little is known about this English theropod dinosaur, although some palaeontologists believe that it is a member of the allosaur family and perhaps closely related to the Sinraptor genus known from China.

The CollectA Becklespinax Dinosaur Model

Becklespinax - an English dinosaur

Becklespinax – an English dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.


Only a handful of fossils have been ascribed to this dinosaur, all material being associated with the Wealden Formation.  The fossils, three very distinctive and articulated back bones, were found near the town of Battle, East Sussex in 1884 by amateur fossil collector Samuel Husbands Beckles.  This large, meat-eating dinosaur that may have reached lengths in excess of eight metres, was named in honour of the finder of the first fossilised bones ascribed to this genus.

Very little is known about European Theropoda of the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods due to the lack of fossil evidence.  The very distinctive shape of the backbones with their tall neural spines have led to Becklespinax being declared as a valid dinosaur genus.  Some other fragmentary fossils found in the Wealden Formation may also belong to this genus, but the lack of clear data precludes this for the moment.

CollectA Becklespinax

A spokes person for the UK based, dinosaur toy company Everything Dinosaur stated:

“It is always exciting to hear news about the addition of a replica of a British prehistoric animal to a model series.  We look forward to stocking this Becklespinax dinosaur model”

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