Prehistoric Animals Captured on Film!

Cryptozoologists spend years researching, seeking information and piecing together evidence in support of claims that mythological creatures or supposedly long extinct animals still wander around the planet.  There have been many reported sightings of sea and lake monsters; could these be plesiosaurs perhaps?  Sir Arthur C. Clarke commented on the authenticity of Woolly Mammoth sightings reported in the 17th century in his book based on the ITV television series “Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World”.

Prehistoric Animals

A number of popular myths concerning dinosaurs still being around persist, the most famous is perhaps the long-necked, sauropod-like Mokele-Mbembe that lurks in the deepest, darkest parts of the Congo.  How a forested and flooded area less than 2 million years old is supposedly harbouring a population of Sauropods, remnants from the Mesozoic is not easy to explain, but so long as such inaccessible and relatively unexplored places exist then these stories and myths will continue.

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Photographing Prehistoric Animals

For team members at Everything Dinosaur, photographing prehistoric animals is made a lot easier.  For us, having the opportunity to photograph prehistoric animals does not entail long treks into far off and distant lands.  However, it does mean a trip to Wales, to a small town called Cefn Mawr, where we met up with Michael, a professional photographer, who had been given the task of helping us create some images of our new products.

Michael is a member of the Master Photographers Association, and all of his twenty plus years experience as a professional photographer was applied to the task of creating shots of our new dinosaur themed tableware, biscuit making moulds, new T-shirts, books and models.  There was even a requirement to photograph some dinosaur teeth!

Into the Studio

Using Michael’s own well equipped studio, our team, working under Michael’s supervision were able to complete the photography in a morning.  Starting with the small, intricate shots of new models and working up to the bigger products such as the beach set inflatables.  The final few pics involved an Everything Dinosaur team member, pictures being taken in preparation for a forthcoming press release.

Taking a short break from preparing a Polacanthus and helping to compose a Cryolophosaurus we were able to relax in the very comfortable office that adjoins the studio and admire the results of some of the more routine photographic assignments.  The walls display a range of different types of photography from splendid wedding shots to intimate family portraits and touching shots of new babies with their proud parents.

Certainly, our brief to photograph a range of prehistoric animal themed items is a little out of the ordinary, but Michael and his partner take it all in their stride.

Smile Please – An Unusual Family Portrait (Prehistoric Mammals)

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

“Ice Age Mammals” Photoshoot

The picture shows Michael, shooting the “Ice Age” Mammals from the Natural History Museum box set, just one of the unusual subjects that he was asked to photograph during the day.

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For a number of shots, close ups were required; it is a good job the studio floor is cushioned and sprung as Michael spent most of the morning on his knees, taking care to ensure each new product could be shown at its best.  The final images will be well worth all the effort, and will help us to show customers the products that we supply in our shop.

As for Michael, with a background in commercial photography, PR shoots as well as family portraits and weddings it was all in a morning’s work.