Ewan’s Drawing of a Therizinosaurus

Everything Dinosaur gets sent lots of dinosaur drawings and illustrations by young dinosaur fans.  Whether they are inspired by their dinosaur toys or models, or just fans of dinosaurs, it does not matter to us as we love to receive pictures of prehistoric animals.  Our thanks to Ewan for sending into Everything Dinosaur his drawing of a Therizinosaurus.

Budding dinosaur hunter Ewan sent in a wonderful picture of the bizarre theropod called Therizinosaurus, super colouring in Ewan!

Ewan’s Therizinosaurus Dinosaur Drawing

Great picture of a "Scythe Lizard"

Great picture of a “Scythe Lizard”.

Picture credit: Ewan/Everything Dinosaur

Drawing of a Therizinosaurus

We look at every illustration that we receive and we post them up on our warehouse wall next to where we store the dinosaur models.  Thank you Ewan for your fantastic drawing of a prehistoric animal.

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