The Clever Catch – A Unique Inflatable Dinosaur Ball that Tests Your Knowledge

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The Clever Catch – Inflatable Dinosaur Ball and Prehistoric Animal Quiz

Introducing the Dinosaur themed Clever Catch inflatable quiz ball, a bit of a mouthful, but if you can say it, you will have the wherewithal to blow up this huge inflatable and test your knowledge on prehistoric animals.  This wonderful gift idea is a great way to test your knowledge about dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Knowledge

The “Clever Catch” concept is an American idea which has been accepted by many schools and educational establishments.  Building on the principle that learning can be fun, a giant dinosaur themed inflatable has been created covered in pictures of dinosaurs and lots of prehistoric animal questions to test the knowledge of young palaeontologists – what a clever idea!

The Giant Inflatable Dinosaur Quiz Ball

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A Great Way to Learn About Dinosaurs

A great way to learn about dinosaurs, an inflatable that tests your knowledge on prehistoric animals.  Ideal for school, the beach or home.

Using the nozzle the ball can be hung up in the bedroom, for a cool dinosaur feature.  This inflatable has seventy prehistoric animal themed questions designed to test the knowledge of young dinosaur fans and help them to learn all about these amazing creatures.

Do you have what it takes to be a palaeontologist?

This is a big inflatable (130 cm circumference, with a diameter of 60 cm), it can be inflated by blowing into the nozzle, or cheat like we did, use a pump!

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