Fossil Hunting with Everything Dinosaur at Lyme Regis

Team members at Everything Dinosaur enjoyed a successful day of fossil hunting along Dorset’s coast.  For a challenge, each team member was given just five minutes to find as many fossils as they could.

Some of the Fossils Collected

Lyme Regis full of fossils.

 Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

A handful of fossils found on a quick visit to Monmouth beach to the west of Lyme Regis (Lower Jurassic Beds), ammonites, belemnites plus a small piece of fossilised bone, a fragment of an ichthyosaur perhaps?  We had great fun fossil hunting on the beach and this is what one of our experts uncovered in just five minutes of fossil hunting.

Successful Fossil Hunt

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We enjoy looking for fossils and Lyme Regis is a very beautiful part of the English coast.  Once you get your eye in you can usually find some interesting specimens.”

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