The End of Everything Dinosaur’s First Week of Blogging

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Blog Update from Everything Dinosaur

The end of our first week as bloggers at Everything Dinosaur has come.  We may be new to web logs and such things but we are slowly and surely getting used to the idea of writing this blog. Our aim is to write articles about new dinosaur and other fossil finds, updates on palaeontology and other aspects of research in a straightforward and hopefully uncomplicated manner.  We also intend to update readers on the progress made by our company “Everything Dinosaur” and to keep people informed about animal news stories from around the world that catch our interest.

As a small team made up of teachers, parents and dinosaur enthusiasts we have decided to split the workload between us and we do intend to try to blog everyday.  However, no promises, as answering emails from customers, helping teachers TAs (teaching assistants), HLTAs (higher learning teaching assistants) and such people must take priority.

Exciting Plans for the Everything Dinosaur Blog

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The Everything Dinosaur blog site has HTTPS.  We have plans to post up an article every day.

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Our blog site will also help us to keep our fans and customers up to date with new model releases, product reviews and other items of interest related to our growing company.  This site will also provide an excellent platform to enable our members to discuss dinosaur toys and dinosaur models.

Visit Everything Dinosaur’s website: Everything Dinosaur.