Rare Petrified Wood Fossil – Future Fossil Material

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Future Fossilised Wood?

At Everything Dinosaur we work on lots of fossils of vertebrates (and one or two fossils of invertebrates for the matter too), however, for the moment we are working on some very fine samples of fossilised (petrified) wood that have been sent into our offices.  The wood dates from various geological periods of the Mesozoic Era.

Team members at Everything Dinosaur were working on some fossilised wood sent to us from the western United States.  We discussed how the fossilisation of wood takes place, the various ways fossils of plant material can occur – carbonisation, petrification etc.

Petrified Wood Fossil

Team members at Everything Dinosaur spotted a spectacular example of a petrified wood fossil, when on a visit to a local museum (Liverpool World Museum). They took a photograph of the fossilised remains of a conifer tree trunk.

Petrified wood fossil - fossil conifer
A fossil conifer. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Prehistoric Trees

For much of the Mesozoic the flora on Earth was very different from the flowering plant dominated ecosystems of today. CollectA have produced a small range of highly detailed models of prehistoric plants including cycads and a model of a Ginkgo biloba tree.

To view these figures and the rest of the replicas in the CollectA Prehistoric Life range: CollectA Prehistoric Life Model Range.