Should Wannabe Bosses ask for Directions – Part 2 (Helpful Advice)

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Should Wannabe Bosses…

One of the nice things about working for Everything Dinosaur is that we do attract quite a bit of publicity.  I suppose there are not many businesses that sell dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals for a living, so we are quite unusual.  Barclays Bank who are the company’s bankers wrote an article about our company and it has ended up being featured in a new business magazine called “Start Your  Business”.

Wannabe Bosses

This is a big glossy magazine that comes out every two months.  It is full of articles about starting and running your own business, with hints, tips and advice.  The magazine has features from famous entrepreneurs and business people.  Recent editions have included interviews with and advice from the likes of Richard Branson and Richard Farleigh from the “Dragon’s Den” TV series.  I think Barclays were asked to write a bit of advertorial about their products and services and chose to write about Everything Dinosaur.  It is very flattering to have our business featured in a magazine alongside all these famous entrepreneurs.

Sometimes, when you get an article published in one magazine it ends up being forwarded by the PR agencies to other types of media.  A similar article on us, written by Barclays Bank has appeared in the South Wales Echo, this is very much appreciated as we find press releases and news stories much more effective at creating business than advertisements.  We keep cameras handy when we do our dinosaur themed events, you never know when a picture might be required to support a press release or a news article.

“Start Your Business”

The feature in “Start Your Business” including a nice pic of one of our team members – looking very smart in the office.  Pictures can be essential to ensure a story gets published so we try to do what we can to build up our own stock of images.

Alternatively, you can pick up copies at your local Barclays Bank in the UK (the Everything Dinosaur article is on page 96 of the April/May issue).

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