Our thanks to dinosaur model fan William who sent into Everything Dinosaur his review of the recently introduced Haolonggood Megaraptor model (M. namunhuaiquii).  William has been an avid prehistoric animal model collector for some years.  He has recently started collecting Haolonggood prehistoric animal figures.  This is his review of the blue/grey Megaraptor model known as Shi Qian.

Haolonggood Megaraptor model (Shi Qian).

The blue/grey Haolonggood Megaraptor figure called Shi Qian.

Haolonggood Megaraptor Model Review (Shi Qian)

William explained that from the moment he first saw the Haolonggood models on a YouTube video he was impressed with them.  He considers them to be very special. Furthermore, he thinks they are rare and unique examples of dinosaur models.  Haolonggood is to be praised for listening to what collectors wish to add to their collections.

The Haolonggood model range: Haolonggood Prehistoric Animal Models.

The Megaraptor figure was described as:

“A superb and accurate sculpt from the slender snout to the nicely balanced tip of the right toe.”

The hands were highlighted, and the claws commended.  In proportion to their bodies, Megaraptors have some of the largest hands of any big theropod known to science.  The long, narrow articulated jaw was also praised.

William also commented:

“Shi Qian’s ocean blue-green hues are very pleasing to the eye.”

In conclusion, our reviewer advised collectors to pick up both the Haolonggood Megaraptor figures if they could.  In addition, William thanked Everything Dinosaur for helping dinosaur model fans to build up their collections.

William added:

“Parcel and packaging are strong and secure from their clear address labelling to the securing of the item in protective bubble wrap.”

Haolonggood Megaraptor models Shi Qian and Duan Jing Zhu.

The product packaging for the two Haolonggood Megaraptor models Shi Qian and Duan Jing Zhu. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Our thanks to William for sending into Everything Dinosaur his Haolonggood Megaraptor model review.

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