New Rebor Dire Wolves Coming into Stock

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The two, new for 2024 Rebor Dire wolves will be coming into stock at Everything Dinosaur shortly. Team members have been informed that the shipment is on its way. The two figures are the 1:11 scale Dire wolf (plain version) and the grey version (Havallagata).

Rebor Dire Wolves. This is the Low Roar version.
Rebor is introducing a pair of Dire wolves into their model range. One of the figures is the 1:11 scale Dire wolf known as “low roar”. The animal is shown in lateral view.

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Rebor Dire Wolves

Each Rebor Dire wolf is supplied with three interchangeable heads. This impressive Pleistocene carnivore can be displayed with the mouth closed, the mouth open or with this fearsome predator snarling. Recently published research (Perri et al 2021), demonstrated that the dire wolf (Aenocyon dirus) was not closely related to the Grey wolf.

The second Rebor A. dirus figure is known as “Havallagata”. It has a grey colouration. It can be displayed as a 1:11 scale Dire wolf model or as a 1:18 scale fantasy wolf figure.

Rebor Dire wolf in right lateral view (Havallagata Nord version).
The Rebor Dire wolf Havallagata Nord version. The animal is depicted in lateral view.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur confirmed that both figures were on their way.

“We do not know quite when these Dire wolves will arrive. However, customers can be assured that as soon as the delivery arrives at our warehouse, we will get these models on-line.”

The spokesperson also confirmed that Everything Dinosaur customers will receive a Dire wolf fact sheet. This fact sheet will be sent out with the dire wolf models. It has been researched and written by Everything Dinosaur team members. It will also include a scale drawing of a Aenocyon dirus.

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