New “Prehistoric Times” Issue 148 Reviewed

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Issue 148 of “Prehistoric Times” magazine is jam-packed with interesting articles, amazing drawings and fascinating features.  Fans of human evolution are treated to a personal tour of some of the exhibits on display at the Neanderthal Museum in Mettmann (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany).  Our guide Dr Andreas Forrer visits the site where the first Homo neanderthalensis bones were found in 1856. Dr Forrer brings us up to date on genetic research that might lead to the generation of Neanderthal tissue in a laboratory.  These cells would be used to research into the development of the human immune system.

The front cover artwork for issue 148 was supplied by Jaime Chirinos.  A herd of titanosaurs (Saltasaurus australis) is being pursued by a pack of abelisaurids (Quilmesaurus curriei).  It is a most dramatic prehistoric scene.  The complete illustration can be found inside the magazine along with another stunning piece of art from Jaime Chirinos depicting Carcharodontosaurus feeding.

"Prehistoric Times" winter edition 2024.

The front cover of “Prehistoric Times” features a thrilling encounter between a pair of theropods and a herd of sauropods. Picture credit: Mike Fredericks/Jaime Chirinos.

Zdeněk Burian and Sparassodonts

Jon Lavas continues his series highlighting the contribution to palaeoart made by Zdeněk Burian.  Prehistoric mammals have been the focus of recent articles and in issue 148 he looks at the enigmatic Sparassodonts, (Sparassodonta).  These carnivorous mammals were related to marsupials and as Lavas points out, they are not often featured in prehistoric art.  On the subject of art, famous palaeoartist Jon Sibbick wrote to the magazine editor confirming that after a long and illustrious career, he would not be undertaking any more commercial projects.

There is a lot of reader submitted artwork throughout the magazine including some delightful illustrations of prehistoric animals from Asbury Park High School pupils.  The photograph of the artwork laid out on the floor reminded us of the many hundreds of dinosaur illustrations we received when Everything Dinosaur team members worked in schools.

Dinosaur drawings.

Dinosaur drawings presented to Everything Dinosaur from schoolchildren. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Ambulocetus and Australovenator

Phil Hore provides the text for the articles on the two featured prehistoric animals Ambulocetus and Australovenator.  There are some marvellous reader submitted artwork on the ancestor of whales.  Congratulations to Anders Bang, Giovanni De Benedictis and Nick Papadimitriou. Tim Bollinger provides an Australovenator in lateral view, whilst Ethan Martinicky illustrates a pair in the rain with a pterosaur in close attendance.   Kevin Hedgpeth chose to draw an Australovenator skull, and it is a splendid illustration.

Tracy Lee Ford continues his series looking at the skin of sauropods and regular contributor Randy Knol looks at models of prehistoric animals from the Permian and highlights some of the smaller figures from PNSO.  He also discusses marine reptile figures with a focus on some CollectA marine reptiles.  Editor Mike Fredericks brings us news of new CollectA and Safari model releases including the Wild Safari Prehistoric World Utahraptor that recently arrived at Everything Dinosaur.

The Wild Safari Prehistoric World Utahraptor dinosaur model unpacked in the Everything Dinosaur warehouse.

Unpacking the new Wild Safari Prehistoric World Utahraptor dinosaur model.   Editor Mike Fredericks features this figure in his “What’s new in Review” feature.  Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The sad passing of Dr Martin G. Lockley is noted, and our sympathies go out to his colleagues, family and friends.

I Found a Dinosaur Egg

Kenneth Carpenter (University of Colorado Museum of Natural History) provides an identification guide to dinosaur eggs.  He comments upon the numerous times he has been presented with an abraded pebble by a member of the public who is convinced that they have found a dinosaur egg.

This happens to Everything Dinosaur team members too.  We get sent images of all kinds of rounded objects and we patiently explain that this is a concretion, a nodule or something similar.  We do our best not to disappoint the finder and for fans of prehistoric animals you will not be disappointed with the extensive “Paleonews” section in the magazine.  Recent news stories about dinosaurs living in burrows, mosasaurs from Morocco and megaraptorids from Australia are covered.  The huge Dorset pliosaur skull that was the subject of a recent television documentary narrated by Sir David Attenborough is also featured.

Take a look at the article on the Naturalis Biodiversity Center (Leiden, Netherlands) by Paul McFarland.  There are some fabulous photographs of prehistoric animal skeletons on display.

Thanks to artist Fabio Pastori for his wonderful illustrations.  It was also a treat to view some more artwork from Ely Kish included in the magazine.

Our congratulations to all involved in “Prehistoric Times” magazine issue 148.  As always, this quarterly magazine is crammed full of amazing artwork and fascinating features.

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