Mojo Fun Repaints for 2024

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Everything Dinosaur team members had the opportunity to view the five new Mojo Fun repaints for 2024 at the recent Spielwarenmesse trade fair in Germany. The repainted dinosaur models will be in stock at Everything Dinosaur soon. The five figures include the Parasaurolophus (biped and quadruped stance), the Baryonyx, Troodon and a Stegosaurus.

Mojo Fun repaints.
The five repainted Mojo Fun dinosaur models for 2024. The standing Parasaurolophus (left) and the Parasaurolophus in the quadrupedal pose (mid left). The repainted Baryonyx is at the back and the Stegosaurus repaint is also at the back (back right). A pair of Troodon repaints can be seen (right). Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view the extensive range of Mojo Fun figures in stock at Everything Dinosaur: Mojo Fun Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Models.

Mojo Fun Repaints

Whilst there are new dinosaur models scheduled for 2025, the 2024 offering consists of five repainted figures. The Mojo Fun repaints for 2024 are listed below:

  • Standing Parasaurolophus.
  • Quadrupedal Parasaurolophus.
  • Stegosaurus.
  • Troodon with an articulated jaw.
  • Baryonyx with an articulated jaw.
Mojo Fun repaints - the 2024 Baryonyx dinosaur model.
The repainted Mojo Fun Baryonyx figure for 2024. This figure has a muted colour scheme compared to the original Mojo Fun Baryonyx. The articulated jaw has been retained. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We had the opportunity to see the new Mojo Fun repaints at the recent Spielwarenmesse in Germany. We were particularly impressed with the paint schemes. The Baryonyx and the Troodon figures are our personal favourites.”

The Everything Dinosaur website: The Everything Dinosaur Website.