Our thanks to dinosaur fan William who sent into Everything Dinosaur his review of the recently introduced PNSO Saurophaganax dinosaur model. The reviewer explained that “Donald” the Saurophaganax was one of three new theropod figures introduced by PNSO towards the end of 2023. The other two figures were Dapeng and Dayong which represented the genus Yangchuanosaurus.

PNSO Donald the Saurophaganax
The new for late 2023 PNSO Donald the Saurophaganax figure.

The PNSO Saurophaganax Figure

William praised this new allosaur figure. The model measures around thirty centimetres in length. It is five centimetres longer than the PNSO Paul the Allosaurus figure. It seems that the design team at PNSO have thought carefully about the size of their Saurophaganax maximus figure. This model, like the PNSO Allosaurus has an articulated lower jaw.

PNSO Donald the Saurophaganax
The latest theropod to be announced by PNSO is Donald the Saurophaganax. It is a beautiful model of a Late Jurassic theropod dinosaur from North America.

“I Could Not Wait to Get this Figure into My Hands”

William explained that the Saurophaganax was a titan. He stated that “Donald’s” sculpt was supremely accurate from the head to the tip of the tail. He highlighted the presence of lips on this theropod figure.

He exclaimed:

“To own this Lord of the Lizard Eaters, you have the greatest Allosauridae model ever to hit the market.”

The dinosaur fan and model collector added:

“I could not wait to get this figure into my hands.”

Our thanks to William for sending in his PNSO Saurophaganax review to Everything Dinosaur.

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