New PNSO Aymen the Spinosaurus Coming into Stock

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The new for 2024 PNSO Aymen the Spinosaurus replica will be in stock at Everything Dinosaur in a few weeks. This Spinosaurus figure reflects some of the recent scientific revisions concerning this theropod. The model measures an impressive 32.5 cm long. In its bipedal stance the Spinosaurus stands 14 cm tall.

PNSO Aymen the Spinosaurus.
Striding across the landscape but with water close by, the new for 2024 PNSO Aymen the Spinosaurus dinosaur model.

Aymen the Spinosaurus

PNSO have manufactured several Spinosaurus figures including 1:35 scale replicas. Aymen is also in 1:35 scale and it will be supplied with twenty sci-art posters. These posters feature several other members of the Spinosauridae family.

A replica Spinosaurus aegyptiacus skull will also be included in the product packaging.

The PNSO Spinosaurus figure is supplied with posters.
The PNSO Spinosaurus figure is supplied with twenty colour posters and a replica Spinosaurus skull.

To view the current range of PNSO prehistoric animal figures available from Everything Dinosaur: PNSO Age of Dinosaurs Models.

The PNSO Aymen the Spinosaurus will also be supplied with a forty-eight page, full-colour booklet.

Spinosaurus Model Measurements

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur confirmed that the figure measured 32.5 cm in length and that the top of the head was around 14 cm off the ground. Based on the stated scale, this would suggest that Spinosaurus aegyptiacus reached a length of around 11. 3 metres.

Spinosaurus model measurements.
The new Spinosaurus model measures 32.5 cm long and it stands some 14 cm tall. This is a Sci-Art figure, and the declared scale is 1:35.

This new Spinosaurus figure is longer than both the recently introduced PNSO Saurophaganax and Yangchuanosaurus models.

To enquire about this new Spinosaurus figure and to request a figure reservation: Email Everything Dinosaur.

The Everything Dinosaur spokesperson added:

“Collectors can see how scientific opinion about this theropod has changed. Perceptions and views about this dinosaur are reflected in the changing PNSO Spinosaurus figures.”

Visit the Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.