New PNSO Yangchuanosaurus “Dapeng” Reviewed

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Our thanks to a dinosaur model fan who sent in a review of the recently introduced PNSO Yangchuanosaurus “Dapeng” into Everything Dinosaur. William emailed to praise this new PNSO theropod figure and explained that this was the second Yangchuanosaurus figure from PNSO. This replica represents the enormous species Y. magnus.

PNSO Yangchuanosaurus "Dapeng" packaging.
The packaging of the recently introduced PNSO Yangchuanosaurus model “Dapeng”. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

PNSO Yangchuanosaurus “Dapeng”

The reviewer described this new PNSO figure as “truly a Jurassic terror of China’s ancient past.”

The genus was first erected in 1978 (Dong Zhiming et al). A large theropod skeleton had been discovered during the construction of a dam in Sichuan Province. This dinosaur was estimated to have measured around eight metres long. It was named Yangchuanosaurus shangyouensis. In 1983, a second, considerably larger specimen was uncovered (specimen number CV 00216). It was initially thought to represent a new species and the taxon Yangchuanosaurus magus was erected. Further analysis revealed that the anatomical differences observed in the two skeletons were the result of ontogenetic variation. This larger skeleton is now thought to represent and older, more mature Yangchuanosaurus shangyouensis.

The PNSO Yangchuanosaurus in the landscape.
The Yangchuanosaurus dinosaur model (Dapeng) from PNSO.

Two PNSO Yangchuanosaurus Figures

The reviewer summed up the two PNSO Yangchuanosaurus figures stated that “Dapeng” represented the larger species Y. magnus or to put it another way the “old man” of “Dayong”.

William expressed his delight at being able to purchase this figure and commented:

“It is privilege to add this great beast to my collection.”

William concluded his Yangchuanosaurus “Dapeng” review by thanking Everything Dinosaur team members for their assistance. He highlighted the company’s excellent customer service and provided an example. Last year, William ordered a pair of PNSO Megalosaurus models, he was emailed by Everything Dinosaur just to make sure he did want the two figures. Team members were concerned in case William had ordered an extra Megalosaurus model by mistake. Once the order had been checked and verified it was despatched without delay.

Our thanks to William for his PNSO Yangchuanosaurus model review.

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