Everything Dinosaur has been sent two additional Prehistoric Planet II inspired dinosaur drawings by young artist Caldey. Both the illustrations feature young theropod dinosaurs. The drawings depict a juvenile Pectinodon and a Velociraptor hatchling. Our thanks to Caldey for sending into Everything Dinosaur her Prehistoric Planet drawings.

Prehistoric Planet Pectinodon drawing
Caldey’s illustration of a juvenile Pectinodon. A wonderful drawing. Picture credit: Caldey.

Caldey has captured the animated Pectinodon beautifully. This lithe little dinosaur is depicted chasing after flies whilst an adult Pectinodon is hunting larger game.

Prehistoric Planet Television Series Inspires Young Artists

Everything Dinosaur team members have seen lots of superb illustrations of the prehistoric animals from the television series. Just like season one, Prehistoric Planet II has inspired a whole new generation of dinosaur fans.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“Prehistoric Planet and the second series Prehistoric Planet II showed extinct creatures as living animals not movie monsters. The programmes were visually stunning. Our congratulations to all involved for depicting dinosaurs as animals with complex behaviours.”

Prehistoric Planet Ilustrations (young Velociraptor)
Caldey’s illustration of a young Velociraptor. The stripes and patterns on the downy coat would help to camouflage this young dromaeosaurid. Picture credit: Caldey.

Caldey has carefully recreated the camouflaged coat of this young dromaeosaurid. This youngster would be vulnerable whilst the adults were away from the nesting site. Its dappled coat would help to keep it safe and hide it from the eyes of a passing predator.

Prehistoric Planet Drawings

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur thanked Caldey for sending in her superb illustrations and stated.

“The second series of Prehistoric Planet has provided the inspiration for lots of prehistoric animal illustrations. The programmes introduced viewers to many more Mesozoic creatures. Artists and illustrators have been quick to produce artwork highlighting some of these new and amazing prehistoric animals.”

Our thanks to Caldey for providing the super illustrations.

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