The New CollectA Brighstoneus Model

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Our thanks to Dr Jeremy Lockwood who sent into Everything Dinosaur a picture of him holding his recently acquired CollectA Brighstoneus model. Dr Lockwood was one of the authors of the scientific paper which named and described this new herbivorous dinosaur from the Isle of Wight.

The CollectA Brighstoneus model.
Dr Jeremy Lockwood holding the CollectA Age of Dinosaurs Brighstoneus figure. What other hadrosauriforms will be described from Isle of Wight fossil material in the future? What other CollectA hadrosauriform figures will be introduced? Picture credit: Dr Jeremy Lockwood.

Picture credit: Dr Jeremy Lockwood

Brighstoneus simmondsi

Formally named and scientifically described in November 2021 (Lockwood, Martill and Maidment), Brighstoneus simmondsi demonstrates that these types of dinosaurs were more diverse than previously thought. Prior to this research, Early Cretaceous hadrosauriform fossils associated with the Wealden Group were placed into either the robust Iguanodon genus or the more lightly built Mantellisaurus taxon.

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The CollectA Brighstoneus Model

The fossil material had been thought to represent Mantellisaurus. However, Dr Lockwood identified unique traits within the fossils (autapomorphies), that led to the erection of this new hadrosauriform taxon.

Brighstoneus simmondsi nasal and maxilla with skull drawing
The nasal and maxilla bones of Brighstoneus simmondsi with accompanying line drawings. This ornithopod is believed to have had a bulbous snout. Picture credit: Dr Jeremy Lockwood

Picture credit: Dr Jeremy Lockwood

CollectA were quick to start development work on a Brighstoneus dinosaur model. Under the guidance of Anthony Beeson, the figure was designed and created. Sadly, Anthony passed away before his Brighstoneus model could be launched.

Commenting on the CollectA figure, Dr Lockwood stated:

“Thank you for the models. Attached is a photo of me with the model at Dinosaur Isle Museum.”

CollectA Age of Dinosaurs Brighstoneus Model
The CollectA Age of Dinosaurs Popular Brighstoneus dinosaur model. This ornithopod figure was introduced in early 2023.

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A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We had been contacted by a relative of Dr Lockwood, prior to the model’s introduction. We were happy to set aside the figures so that Dr Lockwood could receive a replica of a dinosaur he helped name and describe. It is wonderful to be able to supply these figures to scientists so they can use them to help inform the public and explain important scientific discoveries.”

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