The Remarkable CollectA Deluxe Velociraptor

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Another Friday and another busy day packing orders for Everything Dinosaur customers. We had been emailed by a customer asking for a photograph of the CollectA Deluxe Velociraptor 1/6th scale model. The customer requested that we confirm that the figure in stock on our website was indeed the genuine article. We were happy to email over some photographs. There was time to take a close-up view of this scale dinosaur model.

CollectA Deluxe Velociraptor.
A close up view of the CollectA Deluxe Velociraptor figure. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

One of the first dinosaur models made by CollectA was a small, grey-coloured Velociraptor figure. A Deluxe 1:6 scale Velociraptor was added to the company’s scale model range in 2011. This hand-painted replica measures approximately 32 cm in length. It has a head height of 12 cm. The CollectA Deluxe Velociraptor is supplied with an Everything Dinosaur Velociraptor mongoliensis fact sheet.

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The CollectA Deluxe Velociraptor

Velociraptor is a popular prehistoric animal. It tends to feature in the top five of Everything Dinosaur’s surveys. Its popularity used to be down to its appearances in the “Jurassic Park/Jurassic World” films. However, more recently a feathered, bird-like Velociraptor has been a star of the “Prehistoric Planet” television series (Apple+ TV).

CollectA Deluxe 1:6 scale Velociraptor model.
The rare CollectA Deluxe 1:6 scale Velociraptor model. This figure was first introduced in 2011 and is becoming increasingly difficult to find. However, Everything Dinosaur stocks this Velociraptor figure.

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