New Wild Safari Cryolophosaurus Coming into Stock

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The Wild Safari Prehistoric World Cryolophosaurus dinosaur model is coming into stock at Everything Dinosaur. A spokesperson from the UK-based company confirmed that the Cryolophosaurus figure was due to arrive next week.

Cryolophosaurus dinosaur model.
The colourful Wild Safari Prehistoric World Cryolophosaurus dinosaur model is expected in stock at Everything Dinosaur.

Cryolophosaurus Dinosaur Model

Cryolophosaurus “frozen crested lizard”, was named and scientifically described in 1994. At around six metres in length, this theropod is thought to have been the apex predator in the Early Jurassic ecosystem associated with Antarctica. The new for 2023 Safari Ltd Cryolophosaurus sports a crimson crest. This thin crest earned this dinosaur the nickname “Elvisaurus”. The crest probably played a role in visual communication or confirming fitness for breeding.

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Cryolophosaurus Model Measurements

The Wild Safari Prehistoric World Cryolophosaurus dinosaur model measures twenty centimetres in length. That beautifully sculpted head stands around eight centimetres off the ground. Sales of this dinosaur model will be sent out with a free Cryolophosaurus fact sheet. The fact sheet has been researched and written by Everything Dinosaur team members.

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A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented that Safari Ltd, was not releasing details about new models in a single press release. Introductions had been scheduled to take place throughout the year. As a result, Everything Dinosaur team members had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this colourful theropod figure.

The spokesperson added:

“It is a fantastic model. It’s great to have another dinosaur model representing the fauna of the southern part of Gondwana.”