A highlight of the autumn is “All Hallows’ Eve” – Halloween. An opportunity to post up pics of some Halloween dinosaurs. It is time for some spooky stories, murderous monsters and scary skeletons, all harmless fun but 66 million years ago real monsters roamed planet Earth and one of the most frightening dinosaurs of them all was Spinosaurus, a giant carnivorous dinosaur that is thought to be the biggest meat-eating land animal that ever lived.

Our thanks to Caldey who sent in a picture of a spooky Spinosaurus holding a Halloween pumpkin.

Halloween dinosaurs
A spooky Halloween Spinosaurus holding a Halloween pumpkin. Picture credit: Caldey.

Picture credit: Caldey

Terrifying Theropod

The “lion of the Jurassic” Allosaurus has joined in the Halloween fun and games, with Caldey sending into Everything Dinosaur a second picture of a Halloween pumpkin held in the jaws of a ferocious dinosaur.

Halloween dinosaurs
An alarming Allosaurus. Allosaurus holds a Halloween pumpkin. Picture credit: Caldey.

Picture credit: Caldey

Halloween Dinosaurs

As we approach the “witching hour” we want to wish all our customers and readers a happy Halloween! “All Hallows’ Eve” is traditionally linked with demons and monsters and the fossil record is jam-packed full of very scary looking invertebrates and vertebrate specimens that would have been very much at home in the cast of a horror movie.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur thanked Caldey for sending in the cleverly composed Halloween dinosaur photographs and commented:

“We enjoyed looking at the dinosaur pictures and we appreciate the spooky lighting effect that Caldey has used to depict her Halloween dinosaurs.”

We wish all our readers a happy Halloween!

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