A Fantastic Dilophosaurus Drawing by George

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Earlier this week a young fan of dinosaurs came to visit us, we challenged our visitor to send us an illustration of their favourite dinosaur and we have received a Dilophosaurus drawing by George.

What a dramatic and imaginative illustration of this Early Jurassic, carnivorous dinosaur.

Dilophosaurus illustrated. A Dilophosaurus drawing by George
A very colourful and dramatic illustration of one of George’s favourite dinosaurs. A Dilophosaurus drawing influenced by the “Jurassic Park/Jurassic World” franchise. Picture credit: George.

Dilophosaurus Dinosaur Drawing

George is nine (nearly ten) and he is obsessed with dinosaurs. His favourite film is “Jurassic Park” and Audra and Richard, the grown-ups who came along with George for a tour of our warehouse, explained that George watches the “Jurassic Park/Jurassic World” movies over and over again. The Dilophosaurus drawing that George kindly provided is heavily influenced by the depiction of Dilophosaurus as a “frilled dinosaur that spits venom” from the film franchise.

George’s Dilophosaurus is very brightly coloured and the dinosaur has been given a spiked tail, sharp claws and spikes on the posterior portion of its hind legs. It looks a very formidable and dangerous dinosaur!

He is not alone in being influenced by the cinema recreations of dinosaurs. Back in 2021, team members at Everything Dinosaur were involved in product testing and certification of a frilled Dilophosaurus display piece created by our chums at ITOY Studio.

We think George’s drawing is equally dramatic and impressive.

ITOY Studio Dilophosaurus dinosaur model (2021)
A view of the superb crest on the new for 2021 ITOY Studio Dilophosaurus dinosaur model.

To read a blog post on the frilled Dilophosaurus model and our short YouTube video about this replica: ITOY Studio Dilophosaurus Testing and Model Video Review.

Dilophosaurus Drawing by George

George is a big fan of the CollectA model range and spoke at length about some of his favourite models. He likes Ceratosaurus and was fascinated to hear that when this dinosaur was first discovered the fossils of the tail (caudal vertebrae) reminded scientists of the tail of a crocodile. This led them to conclude that Ceratosaurus was aquatic.

Audra and Richard commented that they would have liked to visit Lyme Regis with George so that he could go fossil hunting. Fortunately, we happened to have some ammonite and belemnite fossils from the “Jurassic Coast” of Dorset which we were happy to give to George. He was also delighted to receive some crocodile osteoderms and some small pieces of dinosaur bone to take home.

Thank you George for your wonderful dinosaur drawing.

Our thanks to mum Kay, for giving us permission to post up George’s artwork.