Rebor Display Bases Video Review

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With the recent arrival of the Rebor display bases “Summer Kisses” and “Winter Tears”, team members at Everything Dinosaur have been busy preparing them for despatch to customers, however, we did take time out of our busy schedule to create a short YouTube video of these fabulous new additions to the Rebor range.

Everything Dinosaur reviews the Rebor non-scale diorama bases, “Summer Kisses” and “Winter Tears”.

“Summer Kisses” and “Winter Tears”

These are the first, bespoke display bases that Rebor have made, and they have been cleverly designed to accommodate a variety of models, bipedal theropods but also some of the Rebor ornithischians such as their Stegosaurus figures.

Rebor display bases
The Rebor non-scale diorama display base “Summer Kisses” provides a home for a pair of Rebor stegosaur replicas.

A Dry Season and a Wet Season

Each base has amazing details, but there is still plenty of room to pose a prehistoric animal figure or two. A large tree stump towards the rear of each base provides additional support for the model on the base. Although the bases depict the same area of prehistoric landscape, their colour schemes are very different. The lush, verdant “Summer Kisses” depicts the area during the wet season, whilst “Winter Tears” with its muted browns and greys depicts the same location but in the dry season when the lack of water leads to a reduction in the amount of vegetation.

A Rebor tyrannosaur model on the Winter Tears display base.
A most impressive display. The large tree stump at the back of the display base provides additional support for the Rebor Vanilla Ice Mountain replica. The tyrannosaur has been placed on “Winter Tears” the display base that depicts the dry season. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Rebor Display Bases

These stunning Rebor display bases are delicate, fragile polystone casts and we advise customers to remove them from their protective foam packaging with care. In Everything Dinosaur’s short video (it lasts just under five minutes thirty seconds), we provide a really useful tip to help customers avoid damaging their display base when they attempt to unpack it.

In our YouTube video, we explain that each box has been opened and the contents checked and then the bases have been repacked with extra cardboard protection. Team members have included a helpful advisory note to assist with unpacking in the box.

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Rebor display bases
Everything Dinosaur team members have checked box contents, added extra protective packaging and an advisory note in four languages to help ensure these beautiful bases are unpacked without damage. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Rebor Models and Figures

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented that the video gave viewers the opportunity to have a really good look at these two bases as well as providing advice and assistance to ensure that the polystone bases were not damaged when being removed from their packaging.

To view the display bases and the other figures and replicas in the Rebor model range: Rebor Prehistoric Animal Models and Figures.