The next entry on Everything Dinosaur’s YouTube channel will be a Rebor display bases video review. The Rebor non-scale diorama base two pack entitled Summer Kisses, Winter Tears will be the focus of our next video. A short video highlighting these two excellent display bases will be posted up in a few days.

Rebor display bases to feature in a video.
The Rebor non-scale diorama base two pack Summer Kisses and Winter Tears will be featured on Everything Dinosaur’s YouTube channel. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

New Additions to the Rebor Range

Everything Dinosaur has stocked every Rebor figure, since the company burst onto the model collecting scene back in late 2014. This is the first time that Rebor have made display bases. The stunning bases are made from polystone resin and show the same landscape but at different times of the year. The Summer Kisses display base shows the landscape during the wet season and consequently, the ground is verdant and lush. In contrast, Winter Tears depicts the same ground but during the dry season, when there was little fresh vegetation about.

Rebor Summer Kisses Winter Tears diorama bases
The Rebor diorama display bases Summer Kisses (top) and Winter Tears (bottom).

Rebor Display Bases

Although the bases have been cleverly designed, the cartons containing these beautiful models were damaged in transit. The outer carton (product packaging) is not in the usual high standard expected of the Rebor range. Everything Dinosaur has put up a note about the condition of the outer carton on the Rebor display bases product page:

“Please note the outer packaging for these figures has been damaged in transit to our warehouse. Whilst we have opened, inspected and checked all the display bases, unfortunately the outer packaging for the Rebor Non-scale Diorama bases is below the standard one would normally expect.”

YouTube Winter Tears and Summer Kisses
Everything Dinosaur has announced that their next YouTube video will focus on the Rebor display bases – Summer Kisses and Winter Tears. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Team members concerned about customers receiving a broken model have set about opening all the Rebor bases that we have in stock. Each figure has been carefully unpacked, checked and then re-packed with extra card inserted to help support the outer carton and to prevent any damage to the beautiful bases.

Our diligence is certainly paying off, it may be early days, these magnificent bases have only been in stock for a short while, but they have already picked up 5-star reviews.

Rebor display bases - five-star feedback.
Everything Dinosaur receives 5-star feedback for the Rebor display bases. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur confirmed that they would take great care with the packing of these bases, doing all they can to ensure that the bases reach customers in tip-top condition.

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