Everything Dinosaur co-owner Sue in front of the cameras. Sue was asked by the BBC for an interview recently and although reluctant at first, she was persuaded to appear in front of the cameras. The interview was part of a package being developed for the BBC news channel. The interviewer praised Sue and commented that she was easy to interview and that her contribution to the piece was greatly appreciated.

Sue from Everything Dinosaur being filmed and interviewed in our warehouse
Sue from Everything Dinosaur being filmed and interviewed in our warehouse. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Nerve wracking in Front of the Cameras

Being interviewed and filmed can be quite nerve wracking. Sue admits that she is gradually gaining more confidence in front of the cameras, but it is still quite a stressful experience. She is much happier dealing with customer queries over the telephone, working on the accounts or packing orders, but sometimes media companies make requests, and we do our best to accommodate them.

Over the years, Everything Dinosaur has been involved in a number of media events and related activities, even working with film production companies. When media outlets are looking to feature a small business, one that sells dinosaurs and prehistoric animal models and toys, tends to stand out on the page.

However, the allure of the bright lights has not taken Sue away from her day-to-day duties. She is not off to Hollywood anytime soon. I don’t think we will have need to book a hotel room near Elstree Studios in the near future.

Sue in Front of the Cameras

Sue herself states:

“Although I am reluctant to be interviewed, I do get asked and I try my best. Often, I am told by the person supervising the filming or conducting the interview that they want to hear about women working in commerce. I suppose as our business is a little unusual, after all, we sell dinosaurs and prehistoric animals, media companies tend to migrate towards those business that are a little different and Everything Dinosaur is certainly different.”

Everything Dinosaur logo with trade mark stated.
Everything Dinosaur logo with ® trademark. Team members are interviewed by the media. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Dinosaur Toys and Games

The UK-based mail order business has built up a worldwide customer base with dinosaur toys, models and games being despatched to over 100 countries. Purchases are made on the company’s award-winning website.

To see the range of prehistoric animal themed toys, models and games available from Everything Dinosaur: Visit Everything Dinosaur.

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