Everything Dinosaur still has some models of the recently retired Papo red Styracosaurus dinosaur replica in stock. This popular Papo horned dinosaur figure has been out of production for some time, but team members at Everything Dinosaur were able to source a small number of these figures.

Papo red Styracosaurus in left lateral view.
The Papo red Styracosaurus in left lateral view. This rare and recently retired Papo dinosaur model from the “Les Dinosaures” range is still available from Everything Dinosaur (whilst stocks last). Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Papo “Les Dinosaures”

Papo’s range of dinosaur and prehistoric animal figures entitled “Les Dinosaures” has continued to expand since the inception of this series. There are around fifty figures in “Les Dinosaures” and although dinosaur models dominate, the series includes marine reptiles, prehistoric mammals, two pterosaurs (Pteranodon and Quetzalcoatlus) and even a replica of a caveman holding a club and a flint-tipped spear.

As the range has expanded, then inevitably some figures end up being retired and moving out of production. Everything Dinosaur is able to source, via its connections at Papo some of the more difficult to obtain figures and models, including the now retired Papo red Styracosaurus.

Papo red Styracosaurus (anterior view).
Papo red Styracosaurus in anterior view. Will this rare model be heading your way? Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

The Papo Red Styracosaurus Dinosaur Model

The replica is a representation of Styracosaurus albertensis, a ceratopsian that was formally named and scientifically described in 1913 (Lawrence Lambe).

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We know how disappointed collectors get when they are unable to complete their model collection as a figure has been retired. We do understand this and we work hard to ensure that figures that are unobtainable elsewhere are still available from our website. It’s all part of our customer service, we try to help where we can.”

To view the Papo Styracosaurus (whilst stocks last) and to see the rest of the Papo “Les Dinosaures” range available from Everything Dinosaur: Papo Prehistoric Animal Models Available from Everything Dinosaur.

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