The new for 2022 CollectA prehistoric animal models are now in stock at Everything Dinosaur. Team members have been busy contacting all those customers that requested that they be informed when the CollectA prehistoric animal model delivery arrived.

New CollectA models in stock at Everything Dinosaur
The new for 2022 CollectA prehistoric animals have arrived at Everything Dinosaur. Team members have been busy contacting all those customers who requested an email alert. There are seven figures in the photograph, can you name them all?

New Dinosaurs, Pterosaurs, a Prehistoric Mammal, a Nautiloid and ?

The new figures include dinosaurs, two pterosaurs (the 1:15 scale P. longiceps figure having been held over from 2021), a stunning nautiloid and an updated Paraceratherium replica. In addition, a model of the enigmatic Late Triassic predator Smok (S. wawelski) is also in stock. This Polish carnivore is classified as an archosaur, but its exact taxonomic placement remains ambiguous.

CollectA Deluxe Smok wawelski.
The new for 2022 CollectA Deluxe Smok wawelski replica reflects the view that this large Late Triassic predator was not a theropod dinosaur. Classified as a member of the Archosauria, its exact taxonomy remains unknown. Fossil bones reveal anatomical characteristics associated with the Dinosauria (Theropoda), but also show traits that indicate an affinity to the Pseudosuchia – the crocodile lineage of archosaurs. To further confuse the taxonomy of this carnivore, analysis of the fossil bones also identified features associated with very primitive archosaurs.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We have been looking forward to getting these new CollectA prehistoric animal figures into our warehouse. The shipment contained over a hundred different types of models including fresh stock of the award-winning Doedicurus and the 1:15 scale Pteranodon longiceps figure that we were unable to bring into the UK last year. We know that many collectors have been patiently waiting for these figures, now their wait is over.”

CollectA Pteranodon longiceps box.
The front of the CollectA Prehistoric Life Deluxe Pteranodon longiceps model. This figure is now in stock at Everything Dinosaur.

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