The New PNSO Fergus the Acrocanthosaurus Model Reviewed

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Our thanks to dinosaur fan and model collector William who sent into Everything Dinosaur his detailed review of the recently introduced PNSO Fergus the Acrocanthosaurus dinosaur model.

William starts his review by discussing the head sculpt. He states that the head is “a thing of pure magic, a true Acrocanthosaurus”. When compared to known skull material the life reconstruction from PNSO is praised.

The reviewer goes on to add:

“Thank you both ZHAO Chuang and YANG Yang from us, we are all humbled.”

PNSO Fergus the Acrocanthosaurus
PNSO Fergus the Acrocanthosaurus has an articulated lower jaw.

No Hint of Shrink Wrapping

The superb skin texturing associated with the head sculpt is mentioned and the reviewer states that the figure shows no signs of shrink wrapping. He comments that the orbits, external ears and the lacrimal crests are perhaps the best around. The model has a fully articulated lower jaw, no lips and the jaw opens smoothly revealing lots of fine detail in the mouth.

William also highlights the placement of the eyes, giving stereoscopic vision.

The Main Body Sculpt

In William’s opinion PNSO have created the most detailed and scientifically accurate Acrocanthosaurus made to date. The cloaca is in the correct position and the neural spines, running from the base of the neck to the pelvic region are praised.

“When viewed from above you can see what makes this figure very rare and special. His massive musculature begins just behind the shoulders and travels down towards the tail. Within the folds of the model’s skin the ribs can be observed and touched these are the anchor points to which the muscles are attached.”

PNSO Fergus the Acrocanthosaurus.
The PNSO Fergus the Acrocanthosaurus dinosaur model.

The forelimbs are described as providing a realistic likeness to the living dinosaur. William also comments upon the hind legs stating that they look robust and powerful, not made for speed but being ideal to help this large carnivore overpower sauropods.

He explains that the tail might look a little shorter when compared to previous examples of the Carcharodontosauridae, but it only seems short due to the presence of the neural spines.

PNSO Fergus the Acrocanthosaurus
Fergus the Acrocanthosaurus model new from PNSO for 2022.

Similar to a Burmese Python

The reviewer suggests that the model’s colouration is similar to that of a Burmese python. He states that the colour scheme chosen is an inspired choice for an apex predator. The base colour of light ochre contrasts with the darker wash and the Burmese python markings.

William comments that the pink maw of the mouth has a real natural feel and look about it, with the white teeth blending into brown/white at the roots.

He adds:

“The lacrimal crest has a subtle red applied which is very pleasing to one’s eye.”

PNSO Fergus the Acrocanthosaurus
PNSO Fergus the Acrocanthosaurus in anterior view.

The Size of the PNSO Acrocanthosaurus Model

William suggests that the figure has a scale of 1:37 and provides model measurements:

Estimated scale: 1/37.
Length: 12.7 inches.
Height: 4.1 inches.

The PNSO Fergus the Acrocanthosaurus model is supplied with a number of accessories.

  • Clear plastic support stand.
  • Beautiful, illustrated 64-page booklet.
  • Stunning A3 colour poster.
  • QR code to watch a short design video.
PNSO Fergus the Acrocanthosaurus posters and booklet.
The model is supplied with a clear plastic support stand, a 64-page full colour booklet and colour poster. A QR code on the packaging links to a short video that explains how the figure was made.

Acrocanthosaurus Fossils

As is customary with William’s model reviews he concludes by providing information about this Early Cretaceous dinosaur and details of fossil discoveries.

He states that Acrocanthosaurus fossils have been found in four U.S. states (Oklahoma, Texas, Wyoming and Arizona).

Weight: 6.2 tons.
Length: 38 feet.
Height: 10 feet.

As hypercarnivores the Carcharodontosauridae were the ultimate big game hunters, feasting on sauropods. William suggests that these predators were probably pack hunters.

In the information supplied to Everything Dinosaur, William explained how “high spine lizard” was discovered and named and recounted the tale of the discovery of the specimen nicknamed “Fran”.

Whilst the evolution of such high neural spines in members of the Theropoda remains uncertain, William postulates that the spines could have supported a hump or perhaps played a role in visual displays or regulating body temperature.

Theropod and Sauropod Tracks from the Glen Rose Formation

The reviewer also commented upon the famous theropod and sauropod tracks, in what is now known as the Dinosaur Valley State Park (Texas). The tracks may represent a theropod dinosaur stalking a sauropod. These tracks have been attributed to dinosaurs similar to Acrocanthosaurus and Sauroposeidon respectively.

Dinosaur Tracks Preserved
Famous dinosaur tracks – theropod and sauropod tracks. Picture credit: John Sibbick with additional annotation by Everything Dinosaur.

William closes his review by stating that the PNSO Fergus the Acrocanthosaurus figure is:

“PNSO’s greatest theropod”.

Our thanks to William for providing Everything Dinosaur with such a detailed model review.

To view the PNSO Fergus the Acrocanthosaurus and the rest of the PNSO models and figures in stock at Everything Dinosaur: PNSO Age of Dinosaurs Figures.