Rebor Saurophaganax “Volcanic Cavern” Video Showcase

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Team members at Everything Dinosaur have posted up their product showcase video of the Rebor Saurophaganax maximus dinosaur model in the “Volcanic Cavern” colour scheme. This is the third video in this trilogy, with team members having produced product showcase videos of the other two colour variants “Jungle” and “Badlands”.

Everything Dinosaur has produced a short YouTube video highlighting the recently introduced Rebor Saurophaganax maximus Notorious Big dinosaur model in the “Volcanic Cavern” colour variant.

Rebor Saurophaganax maximus “Volcanic Cavern”

The striking colouration of the Rebor Saurophaganax maximus 1:35 scale replica is highlighted in the company’s short video presentation. The actual size of the model is demonstrated along with the articulated lower jaw. The packaging for this prehistoric animal model is also briefly featured.

The product showcase video provides further information, model measurements are given and the flexible tail and articulated arms are accentuated. The Rebor Saurophaganax maximus Notorious Big “Volcanic Cavern” product showcase video lasts around 45 seconds.

Rebor Saurophaganax in the "volcanic cavern" colour scheme.
The crimson coloured Rebor Saurophaganax maximus “Notorious Big” in the “volcanic cavern” colour scheme.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“This is the third Rebor Saurophaganax model we have created a product showcase video for. The videos featuring the other two colour variants “Badlands” and “Jungle” have already been posted on Everything Dinosaur’s YouTube channel. We hope these short videos help and inform our customers.”

To view the Rebor Saurophaganax maximus in the “Volcanic Cavern” colour scheme along with the rest of the Rebor prehistoric animal models and figures in stock at Everything Dinosaur: Rebor Models, Prehistoric Animals and Dinosaurs.

The Rebor range of models and figures features a wide variety of prehistoric animals. There have been several different types of theropod dinosaur included in the Rebor portfolio, allosaurids such as Saurophaganax, but also tyrannosaurs such as Yutyrannus huali and T. rex along with ceratosaurs (Ceratosaurus dentisulcatus) and abelisaurids – Carnotaurus and Ekrixinatosaurus.

The Everything Dinosaur YouTube channel has thousands of subscribers and features hundreds of informative and helpful prehistoric animal themed videos.

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