Beautiful CollectA Scale Models

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It is true that many dinosaur model suppliers have struggled to obtain stock. Factories have struggled with production issues and problems with global logistics have caused difficulties with both the sourcing of raw materials as well as the distribution of finished products.

Everything Dinosaur has been able to maintain stocks of CollectA replicas including many of the scale models of dinosaurs such as the CollectA Deluxe Iguanodon and the awesome CollectA Deluxe Mapusaurus.

CollectA Deluxe Mapusaurus and the CollectA Deluxe Iguanodon
The CollectA 1:40 scale Iguanodon and Mapusaurus dinosaur models. Whilst many companies have struggled with production issues and problems with global logistics have caused difficulties with supplies, Everything Dinosaur has still been able to maintain stocks of CollectA models and figures, including the Iguanodon and Mapusaurus models.

A spokesperson from the UK-based mail order company stated that whilst trading conditions were difficult the team at CollectA had worked diligently to continue production and to develop new figures and models.

The spokesperson went onto add:

“Sourcing prehistoric animal models and figures has been extremely challenging over the last twelve months or so. We do not anticipate issues easing for at least another nine months, perhaps longer. However, we at Everything Dinosaur have been able to source figures and whilst some lines are currently out of stock, we do expect stock deliveries in the next few weeks to replenish our inventory.”

CollectA Deluxe Iguanodon and Mapusaurus

The CollectA1:40 deluxe Iguanodon model and the CollectA 1:40 deluxe Mapusaurus were both introduced in 2018 and they have proved to be very popular amongst model collectors and fans of dinosaurs. Despite the difficult global trading conditions, Everything Dinosaur has been able to maintain a stock of a wide range of CollectA scale model figures, including pterosaurs, prehistoric fish, prehistoric mammals and of course, dinosaurs. CollectA has continued production and put in place sensible business plans to help them accommodate the difficult global trading situation.

CollectA Deluxe 1:40 scale Mapusaurus dinosaur model.
CollectA Deluxe Mapusaurus dinosaur model.

The introduction of the CollectA 1:40 scale Iguanodon replica in 2018 was particularly significant as it graphically demonstrated how our perceptions regarding this large Cretaceous ornithopod had changed. The CollectA Iguanodon figure helped to convey how the scientific description of Iguanodon has radically altered since it was formally named and described as a genus back in 1825.

Iguanodon - changing scientific interpretations.
The changing body plan of Iguanodon. The recent introduction of a scale model of Iguanodon from CollectA helped to reinforce how our perception of this dinosaur has changed.

To view the range of CollectA Deluxe models and figures in stock at Everything Dinosaur: CollectA Deluxe Prehistoric Life Models.