New PNSO Zhuchengtyrannus Reviewed

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Our thanks to dinosaur fan and model collector William who sent into Everything Dinosaur a detailed review of the recently introduced PNSO Zhuchengtyrannus.

PNSO Zhuchengtyrannus dinosaur model
The new for 2022 PNSO Zhuchengtyrannus model. Dinosaur fan and model collector William has provided a review of this recently introduced figure.

PNSO Zhuchengtyrannus magnus “Lu Xiong”

The new for 2022 PNSO Zhuchengtyrannus dinosaur model is release number 58 in the PNSO prehistoric animal model range. The head is a fabulous sculpt of a classical Tyrannosaurinae skull. The skull is powerful and robust ideal to attack prey and with jaws capable of crushing bone. The PNSO Zhuchengtyrannus is depicted as an apex predator. The lacrimal horn is of the same superb standard as seen on other PNSO theropod models. William also praises the detailing associated with the mandibular fenestrae.

PNSO Lu Xiong the Zhuchengtyrannus has an articulated lower jaw.
The PNSO Lu Xiong Zhuchengtyrannus model has an articulated lower jaw.

William points out that this figure has an articulated jaw and carefully sculpted teeth and praises the ear vents, commenting that this top predator had sensitive hearing capable of picking up the subtle rumble of low frequencies.

Forelimbs, Legs and Skin Tone

The reviewer states that the now familiar but carefully crafted PNSO shoulders, arms and two fingered hands of this figure are on a par with other PNSO carnivorous dinosaurs. The limbs are particularly robust and show some wonderful detail. The left foot is slightly raised giving the impression of slow but deliberate movement.

William compliments the design team at PNSO for the care and attention they have taken over the skin texture and scales.

He comments:

“From every fold and wrinkle and right down to his bull neck and well hefted bulk of the ribcage we have a Zhuchengtyrannus magnus in his full power of his youth and prime in perfect condition. For those with an extra eye for detail we have the perfect cloaca.”

PNSO Lu Xiong the Zhuchengtyrannus dinosaur model
The PNSO Lu Xiong the Zhuchengtyrannus dinosaur model. The foot is slightly raised to convey movement.

The Colouration of the Model

William describes the colouration of the PNSO figure explaining that the skin tone moves from a beige cream to a yellow beige with an olive-green wash running from behind the eyes down the neck and shoulders across the thighs and towards the rear of the model. He points out that dark brown and tan stripes can be observed running the length of the tail. The anterior portion of the muzzle has black scales. The eyes are painted yellow with black pupils and the lacrimal crests are tinged with a hint of orange that “bring Lu Xiong to life”.

William also comments that the PNSO Zhuchengtyrannus is supplied with a clear plastic support stand, a full-colour booklet and a stunning poster showing the three recently proposed species of Tyrannosaurus (T. imperator, T. regina and Tyrannosaurus rex).

PNSO Zhuchengtyrannus supplied with booklet and posters.
The new for 2022 PNSO Lu Xiong the Zhuchengtyrannus dinosaur model is supplied with colour posters, a 64-page information booklet and the packaging has a QR code that links to a short video that explains how the figure was developed.

William Provides Scientific Details

William provides model measurements and some details outlining the discovery of this iconic Asian tyrannosaur.

Scale: 1:32-1:38 (Campanian faunal stage of the Late Cretaceous)
Length: 12 & 1/4 inches.
Height: 4 & 1/2 inches.

In 2011 the holotype was found in Shandong province of eastern China. A nearly perfect right maxilla with left dentary and teeth.

William concludes his Zhuchengtyrannus review by stating that this model lives up to its specific name “great”.

He adds:

“Remember this, some of us have waited a long time to own a Tyrannosaurinae model. Now is your chance, given to us all by PNSO. Additionally, he will pair to perfection with the previous three PNSO Tyrannosaurinae models.”

William Praises Everything Dinosaur

The reviewer praised Everything Dinosaur for supplying the model commenting that his faith and respect for Everything Dinosaur has never wavered from his first purchase many years ago to his latest acquisition “Lu Xiong”.

William stated:

“In truth why I hold them in such high esteem is that the entire Everything Dinosaur company loves and care for what they do equally as they care for every customer from visiting schools to safety testing their products and creating an information sheet for every model they stock to maintaining an up to date homepage and blog and the full spread of their media accounts are fresh and informative…..They are “Everything Dinosaur.”

Our thanks to William for providing us with his PNSO Zhuchengtyrannus model review.

To view the PNSO Zhuchengtyrannus figure and the rest of the PNSO range in stock at Everything Dinosaur: PNSO Age of Dinosaurs.