Eofauna will introduce a replica of the Late Jurassic sauropod Diplodocus carnegii. This exciting dinosaur model will be available from Everything Dinosaur in 2022 and it is expected in stock in February (2022). Several species of Diplodocus have been named, D. carnegii, named after the Andrew Carnegie, the Scottish-born, American industrialist, is arguably the best known. This species was erected in 1901 based on CM 84, a beautifully preserved specimen consisting of most of the anterior portion (excluding the skull) of a single animal from the Brushy Basin Member of the Morrison Formation (Wyoming, USA).

Eofauna Diplodocus carnegii model with information card
The new for 2022 Eofauna Diplodocus carnegii dinosaur model is supplied with a beautifully illustrated collector’s card. Everything Dinosaur team members helped with the hang tag and labelling for the new Eofauna Diplodocus.

The 8th Eofauna Scientific Research Model

The new for 2022 Diplodocus figure is the 8th prehistoric animal replica in the series and the fifth dinosaur after the introduction of Giganotosaurus, Atlasaurus and the Triceratops pair – Cryptic and Dominant, that came out earlier this year (spring 2021).

The Diplodocus figure is the longest in the range, it measures approximately 60 cm in length and that carefully crafted head is around 11 cm off the ground. The Diplodocus carnegii has a declared scale of 1:40.

Eofauna Diplodocus scale model
The Eofauna Diplodocus carnegii model measures around 60 cm in length and stands 11 cm tall. It is a 1/40th scale model.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“It is great to hear that this amazing Diplodocus model is coming out shortly. The hard-working and dedicated staff at Eofauna have built up a deserved reputation for the quality and accuracy of their prehistoric animal figures. The arrival of this new Diplodocus replica in February 2022 or thereabouts, is being eagerly anticipated by dinosaur fans and model collectors”.

Eofauna Diplodocus dinosaur model.
Eofauna Diplodocus carnegii dinosaur model in oblique posterior view.

Eofauna Scientific Research Models in Stock at Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur has been proud to support his excellent range of prehistoric animal figures. The first model (Steppe Mammoth) was introduced in 2017 and this range of scale models is going from strength to strength.

Steppe Mammoth model.
The amazing detail on this Steppe Mammoth model can be easily seen. The Steppe Mammoth (Mammuthus trogontherii) was introduced in the autumn of 2017.

To see the range of Eofauna prehistoric animal models in stock at Everything Dinosaur: Eofauna Scientific Research.