PNSO are to add a model of the giant, prehistoric, toothed whale known as Livyatan to its mid-size model range. The figure, Requena the Livyatan is likely to be in stock at Everything Dinosaur sometime in mid to late November.

PNSO Requena the Livyatan model close view of the head
A close-up view of the head of Requena the Livyatan.

PNSO Requena the Livyatan

Named and described in 2010 (L. melvillei), Livyatan is known from the Pisco Formation of Peru, although isolated fossil teeth indicate that it may have ranged over much of the Southern Hemisphere. The species name honours the American author Herman Melville who wrote “Moby Dick”, an epic story of the quest to hunt a giant, white sperm whale. The novel was first published in October 1851, now almost exactly 170 years later, PNSO have introduced a replica of this huge cetacean, one of the largest predators of all time.

PNSO Requena the Livyatan model
PNSO Requena the Livyatan prehistoric whale model anterior view.

Livyatan Model Measurements

The new PNSO prehistoric whale figure measures an impressive 32 cm in length. The tip of the small dorsal fin stands some 8.5 cm off the ground. Given the curve of the body of the model, PNSO state that the actual length of the figure is over 36.5 cm. Livyatan is only known from skull material and isolated teeth. Palaeontologists are not sure how big this prehistoric whale from the Miocene Epoch was. Size estimates vary between 13.5 metres and 18 metres long.

PNSO does not publish a scale for their mid-size models, however, based on the stated curved length of the model, team members at Everything Dinosaur estimate that the PNSO Requena the Livyatan replica is between 1:36 and 1:49 scale.

PNSO Requena the Livyatan measurements
The PNSO Requena the Livyatan model measures 32 cm long and the model is 8.5 cm high.

In Stock at Everything Dinosaur November 2021

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur confirmed that they had known about this model for a while. However, they wanted PNSO to make the official announcement before commenting.

The spokesperson added:

“We have known about PNSO model plans for some time. It is wonderful to have a replica of a prehistoric whale added to the PNSO model range, especially since this company has already produced a model of the contemporaneous prehistoric shark Otodus which is better known as Megalodon.”

PNSO Requena the Livyatan model
The PNSO Requena the Livyatan prehistoric whale model.

Supplied with Support Stands

The PNSO Requena the Livyatan model is supplied with two transparent support stands to help this prehistoric whale figure to be displayed.

The spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur added, that they had received requests from many prehistoric animal model collectors to lobby for more prehistoric mammals to be added to ranges. The addition of a Livyatan replica, the first mainstream model of this giant, prehistoric whale to have been produced, is exactly what many model collectors have been looking for.

The PNSO Requena the Livyatan model is likely to be in stock mid to late November 2021.

PNSO Requena the Livyatan model box
PNSO Requena the Livyatan packaging.

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