Those very kind and generous people at Eofauna shared their image which highlights all their beautiful prehistoric animal models in the company’s Eofauna Scientific Research range. Everything Dinosaur team members have been most impressed with this model series and we look forward to further additions to this exciting range in the near future.

The current range of Eofauna Scientific Research Models (July 2021)
The current range of Eofauna Scientific Research prehistoric animal models. We have titled this image “the magnificent seven”! All these stunning figures are in stock at Everything Dinosaur (July 2021).

Seven Stunning Eofauna Scientific Research Figures

The image (above) shows all seven of the current range of Eofauna Scientific Research figures in lateral view. Can you name them all?

The first of these amazing figures was introduced just four years ago (2017), since then the range has grown to include three dinosaur genera and three genera of prehistoric elephant. The team behind the Eofauna range have a particular expertise in prehistoric Proboscidea (elephants and their close relatives), hence all three of the prehistoric mammals in this series released to date are replicas of extinct members of the elephant family (Elephantiformes).

Used to Illustrate Museum Displays

Some of these impressive figures have found themselves being used in museum displays to illustrate the variety of elephants that once roamed our planet.

Eofauna Steppe Mammoth on display in a museum.
An Eofauna prehistoric elephant model used in a museum display. Picture credit: Dr Jan Fischer/Urweltmuseum GEOSKOP

The Magnificent Seven

For the record, here is the list of the seven models currently in the Eofauna Scientific Research range. We have produced the list in the order in which the figures were released.

Eofauna Scientific Research Models (July 2021):

  • Steppe Mammoth (Mammuthus trogontherii) – introduced October 2017.
  • Straight-tusked Elephant (Palaeoloxodon antiquus) – introduced late spring 2018.
  • Giganotosaurus (Giganotosaurus carolinii) – introduced January 2019.
  • Deinotherium (Deinotherium giganteum) – introduced October 2019.
  • Atlasaurus (Atlasaurus imelakei) – introduced November 2019.
  • Triceratops (Triceratops spp.) – introduced February/March 2021.

All seven of the Eofauna Scientific Research models are in stock at Everything Dinosaur (July 2021), to view this range and to make a purchase: Eofauna Scientific Research Prehistoric Animal Models.

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