Team members at Everything Dinosaur do all they can to respond to customer queries and questions. We appreciate how busy all our lives are and our hard-working staff are on standby to answer emails and to do all they can to help customers.

Take for example, an email we received from Sammy, who wanted to know about the dinosaur themed water bottle that we sell. Sammy asked:

“Is this dinosaur water bottle BPA free?”

Dinosaur water bottle
The dinosaur and prehistoric animal themed water bottle available from Everything Dinosaur. The bottle holds 500 ml and the plastic that it is made from is BPA free.

BPA Free Dinosaur Water Bottle

This colourful dinosaur and prehistoric animal themed water bottle is indeed BPA free.

BPA (Bisphenol A), is a chemical used to make some plastics, including food storage containers and refillable drinks bottles. Microscopic amounts of this chemical can be transferred from packaging into the food and drinks that we consume, however the level of BPA found in food is not considered to be harmful.

The design on the dinosaur drinking bottle
The colourful prehistoric animal themed design on the 500 ml drinking bottle. Ideal for school or picnics, this water bottle is BPA free. Can you name all the prehistoric animals featured?

BPA (Bisphenol A) Safety Assessments

Some people are concerned about BPA because it’s one of a large number of substances that could possibly interfere with human hormone systems. Extensive assessments have been carried out on BPA by the UK Food Standards Agency. Their current full assessment has found that dietary exposure to BPA is not a health concern for any age group.

However, Everything Dinosaur are pleased to confirm that this water bottle that we supply is BPA free.

To view the range of dinosaur and prehistoric themed merchandise available from Everything Dinosaur: Visit Everything Dinosaur.

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