Everything Dinosaur can confirm that PNSO intend to introduce a model of an Allosaurus into their mid-size model range. We expect this exciting new dinosaur, an iconic member of the dinosaur-dominated biota of the Morrison Formation to be in stock at Everything Dinosaur in the summer (2021).

PNSO Paul the Allosaurus
PNSO Paul the Allosaurus dinosaur model in lateral view.

Paul the Allosaurus

This new theropod replica is one of a plethora of model introductions that PNSO and Everything Dinosaur have announced over the last few months. Like the majority of the PNSO theropod figures in the larger ranges, this Allosaurus model will also have an articulated lower jaw.

PNSO Paul the Allosaurus dinosaur model
The new for 2021 PNSO Paul the Allosaurus dinosaur model has an articulated lower jaw, just like the majority of the theropod figures that PNSO have produced in the larger size model series.

Three Species in the Genus

The genus was first erected in 1877 (Othniel Charles Marsh), one of the many dinosaur genera named as fossils from the Morrison Formation of the western United States began to be uncovered and sent east for study. Most palaeontologists recognise three species in this genus, the most recent to be named Allosaurus jimmadseni was only formally scientifically described last year (2020). To read more about A. jimmadseni: A New Species of Allosaurus (A. jimmadseni).

PNSO Paul the Allosaurus dinosaur model
The stunning PNSO Paul the Allosaurus (anterior view).

Bilateral Crests Suggest Allosaurus jimmadseni

The picture (above) shows a close view of the head of the new PNSO Allosaurus model. A pair of bilateral nasal crests that run from the nostrils to the eye socket (orbit) can clearly be seen. This feature is absent in Allosaurus fragilis and since PNSO intended to introduce this model to celebrate the dinosaurs of the Morrison Formation, we have concluded that this figure is intended to represent Allosaurus jimmadseni.

PNSO Paul the Allosaurus dinosaur model
The new for 2021 PNSO Allosaurus replica (Paul the Allosaurus). The two bilateral crests that run from just above the eye socket (orbit) and down the snout indicate that this PNSO figure might be a replica of the recently named and described Allosaurus jimmadseni.

Paul the Allosaurus Model Measurements

Dinosaur model fans and collectors like to know about the size of any new figures and details of any potential scale. Although PNSO do not declare a scale for their model in the mid-size model range, the figure does measure 25 cm long and a potential scale can be calculated. For example, if the new PNSO Allosaurus is indeed a replica of A. jimmadseni, then if this dinosaur was around 8 metres in length, this suggests a scale of approximately 1:32.

PNSO Paul the Allosaurus dinosaur model measurements
The PNSO Paul the Allosaurus measures 25 cm long and it has a height of approximately 9 cm. Based on an Allosaurus fragilis being around 12 metres in length, team members at Everything Dinosaur estimate this model is in approximately 1:48 scale. However, should this model represent Allosaurus jimmadseni, then the scale would be different. The exact size of A. jimmadseni is not known but at an estimated 8 metres long, the PNSO figure would represent a dinosaur in 1:32 scale.

Checking on Availability

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur confirmed that there had been a meeting about PNSO yesterday but when Allosaurus would be in stock had not yet been confirmed. Team members anticipate that Paul the Allosaurus should be available in the summer (2021), but they were currently checking to see if more information could be provided.

PNSO Paul the Allosaurus product packaging
The PNSO Paul the Allosaurus product packaging.

The PNSO Paul the Allosaurus model will be supplied with a transparent support stand. It along with the recently introduced Stegosaurus figure celebrate the dinosaur biota associated with the famous Morrison Formation of the western United States.

PNSO Morrison Formation Dinosaurs
PNSO celebrating dinosaurs known from the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation of western North America.

To view the extensive range of PNSO models currently available from Everything Dinosaur: PNSO Prehistoric Animal Models and Figures.

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