Incrible and Beautiful Trilobites from Salem

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The global COVID-19 pandemic has affected lots of people in lots of ways. Times are tough and very challenging but spare a thought for those hard-working and dedicated fossil enthusiasts who rely on tourism for the bulk of their income.

One such person is Everything Dinosaur’s Facebook friend Salem Merdani. Living in Morocco, Salem has built up quite a successful business finding and preparing trilobites for tourists and fossil collectors.

Trilobite specimen (Phacops)
A carefully prepared trilobite specimen. One of the trilobite fossils collected and prepared by Salem Merdani.

Hard Times

With a young family to support Salem has found the last two years extremely difficult. The collapse of tourism in Morocco has put many fossil-selling companies into financial difficulties. Salem continues to work in his fossil preparation studio, but as the pandemic continues he wonders how long he will be able to keep going.

A stunning Moroccan trilobite (Paralejurus rehamnanus)
A beautifully prepared Moroccan trilobite (Paralejurus rehamnanus).
Trilobite specimen (Phacops speculator)
A Moroccan trilobite specimen (Phacops speculator).

Show Your Support

Salem sells his beautiful fossils via his WhatsApp group he can be contacted on – +212621149904.

If you have been thinking of making a fossil purchase, then why not pick up a piece of Palaeozoic treasure? Salem has his own Facebook page here: Moroccan Trilobites and Salem Merdani on Facebook.