The new for 2021 CollectA Deluxe Mamenchisaurus dinosaur model is now in stock at Everything Dinosaur. This is one of the biggest sauropod figures that CollectA have made and this beautifully detailed replica has certainly impressed model fans and collectors.

CollectA Deluxe Mamenchisaurus Dinosaur Model
The beautifully detailed CollectA Deluxe Mamenchisaurus dinosaur model (lateral view).

Scale Dinosaur Model

CollectA have declared a scale of 1:100 for their Mamenchisaurus. As the model measures around 40 cm in length this figure represents a dinosaur that would have measured approximately 40 metres, this is perhaps a little too large for most of the Mamenchisaurus species named to date.

The CollectA Mamenchisaurus Sauropod Figure
CollectA Mamenchisaurus model.

The model has been exquisitely designed. The neck is slightly curved and the small head is turned towards the animal’s left shoulder. This pose gives the model a more natural look, the animal is moving along and looking towards its left as it walks. The head has been beautifully crafted, the nostrils are visible and the mouth is open displaying the small teeth. There were teeth present all along the jawline and this has been accurately portrayed in the CollectA model.

CollectA Deluxe Mamenchisaurus (close view of the head)
A close view of the exquisitely detailed head of the CollectA Mamenchisaurus model.

Fine Detail of Scales and Dermal Armour

As well as having a row of prominent spikes that descend from the back of the head down to the end of the tail, the design team at CollectA have added rows of raised scutes along the neck, flanks and down the tail of the figure. There is much to be admired in the fine skin texture and the limbs have been proportioned to reflect the fossil record. The claws and toes have been painted in the same tan tone as the spikes and this realistic dinosaur model has been given a cloaca.

The CollectA Deluxe Mamenchisaurus Model
The CollectA Deluxe Mamenchisaurus measures around 40 cm in length and that impressive head on the end of that long neck is about 24 cm off the ground.
The CollectA Deluxe Mamenchisaurus Model
The dermal scutes and raised scales on the model can be clearly seen in this photograph.

An Asian Sauropod

It is refreshing to see CollectA create a scale model of a Chinese sauropod rather than a replica of a sauropod associated with western North America and the Morrison Formation. Due to the large number of fossils assigned to this genus, thanks to huge numbers of bones found in Shaximiao Formation exposures (Sichuan Province, China), Mamenchisaurus is one of the best known of all the Jurassic members of the Sauropoda. It is great to see a mainstream manufacturer such as CollectA make a model of this dinosaur.

CollectA Deluxe Mamenchisaurus Dinosaur Model
The new for 2021 CollectA Deluxe Mamenchisaurus dinosaur model.

Highly Recommended

The figure has been given a small defensive club on the end of its tail, reminiscent of Shunosaurus. There may be some debate as to whether this dinosaur possessed such a club, fused caudal vertebrae in at least one specimen does suggest that a tail club was present.

All in all, this is a very detailed model and it is a very welcome addition to the CollectA Deluxe model range.

CollectA Deluxe Mamenchisaurus Model
CollectA Deluxe Mamenchisaurus dinosaur model.

To view the CollectA Deluxe Mamenchisaurus and to see the other figures available from Everything Dinosaur in this this range: CollectA Deluxe Prehistoric Life Models.

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