PNSO have announced that they will be adding a model of the bone-headed dinosaur Pachycephalosaurus to their mid-size model range. Say hello to Austin the Pachycephalosaurus, this exciting new for 2021 dinosaur model is likely to be in stock at Everything Dinosaur in the early summer.

PNSO Austin the Pachycephalosaurus dinosaur model
The new for 2021 PNSO Austin the Pachycephalosaurus dinosaur model.

Pachycephalosaurus wyomingensis

This new figure is a replica of Pachycephalosaurus wyomingensis, the largest known member of the bone-headed dinosaur group (Pachycephalosauridae). The dinosaur model shows meticulous detail and has been exquisitely painted.

PNSO Pachycephalosaurus dinosaur model.
Austin the Pachycephalosaurus (P. wyomingensis).

Model Measurements and Scale?

Austin the Pachycephalosaurus measures 17. 8 cm long and its beautifully detailed head is a fraction under 7 cm off the ground. PNSO does not publish a scale for their mid-size figures but based on an estimated length of P. wyomingensis of approximately 4.6 metres, this figure is in around 1:26 scale.

PNSO Austin the Pachycephalosaurus model measurements
The PNSO Austin the Pachycephalosaurus dinosaur model measurements and known skeletal material. The Pachycephalosaurus figure measures 17.8 cm long and it has a head height of 6.6 cm.
Austin the PNSO Pachycephalosaurus (dorsal view)
Austin the PNSO Pachycephalosaurus (dorsal view).

The Famous Hell Creek Formation

Pachycephalosaurus fossils (mostly cranial material), are associated with the famous Hell Creek Formation, although they are exceptionally rare compared to other ornithischians such as members of the Ceratopsidae and hadrosaurids. Austin the Pachycephalosaurus joins Doyle the Triceratops, Sede the Ankylosaurus and Wilson the T. rex dinosaur models in the PNSO portfolio that celebrates the dinosaur fauna of Hell Creek.

Dinosaurs of the Hell Creek Formation
PNSO figures that celebrate the dinosaur fauna of the Hell Creek Formation.

Available in the Summer

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented that this figure was due to be announced at 10am on the 17th of April (Beijing time), but as images had been already leaked on-line by other companies, Everything Dinosaur received permission from PNSO to publish details about Austin the Pachycephalosaurus earlier than scheduled.

The PNSO Austin the Pachycephalosaurus is likely to be in stock at Everything Dinosaur in the summer of 2021.

To view the current range of PNSO models and figures available at Everything Dinosaur: PNSO Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Models.

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