Customers of Everything Dinosaur who have purchased the recently introduced PNSO A-Shu the Qianzhousaurus dinosaur model have been keen to sing the model’s praises.

PNSO A-Shu the Qianzhousaurus dinosaur (lateral view).
The PNSO A-Shu the Qianzhousaurus in right lateral view.

The A-Shu tyrannosaur replica is one of a series of dinosaur models in PNSO’s mid-size model range that was introduced recently. For example, this range also includes Domingo the Carnotaurus.

PNSO Domingo the Carnotaurus and A-Shu the Qianzhousaurus
The PNSO Domingo the Carnotaurus and A-Shu dinosaur models. Both models have articulated lower jaws. Domingo the PNSO Carnotaurus is on the left, whilst A-Shu the Qianzhousaurus is on the right.

Customers Review the Qianzhousaurus Figure

Customers who purchased this dinosaur from Everything Dinosaur have been keen to praise this PNSO figure.

Kevin reviewed the model stating that it was a:

“Beautiful model, at this moment the most accurate depiction of Qianzhousaurus.”

Gaelle commented:

“This one was love at first sight and I’m so happy I’ve bought it! The attention in the details, such as the eyes, teeth and claws. The marking was also a great choice imo. Another must have by PNSO”.

PNSO A-Shu the Qianzhousaurus dinosaur model.
A model of the Asian tyrannosaur Qianzhousaurus (PNSO A-Shu the Qianzhousaurus replica).

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“PNSO have introduced several carnivorous dinosaurs into their not to scale, mid-size model range and they have plans to introduce even more in 2021. We are pleased that dinosaur model collectors have been so delighted with their acquisitions.”

PNSO A-Shu the Qianzhousaurus dinosaur figure.
The stunning and beautifully marked A-Shu the Qianzhousaurus dinosaur model. The PNSO Qianzhousaurus figure has proved to be very popular with dinosaur model fans.

Qianzhousaurus (Q. sinensis), may have only be scientifically described in 2014 but this long snouted tyrannosaurid, closely related to Alioramus has certainly made a big impression amongst dinosaur fans and model collectors.

To view the PNSO A-Shu Qianzhousaurus dinosaur model and the rest of the PNSO model range: PNSO Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Figures.

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