New PNSO Prehistoric Animal Models in Stock

Seven new PNSO prehistoric animal models are now in stock at Everything Dinosaur.  It seems that no sooner have Everything Dinosaur team members finished blogging* about the latest models from PNSO that the first of the new for 2021 figures arrive at the company’s UK warehouse.  Dinosaur fans and model collectors have six new dinosaurs and one remarkable replica of a bizarre marine reptile to add to their collections.

Six New PNSO Dinosaur Models and an Atopodentatus Marine Reptile Model

New PNSO Prehistoric Animal Models in Stock

Seven new for 2021 PNSO prehistoric animal models are now in stock at Everything Dinosaur.  The models are Audrey the Lambeosaurus (top left), Brian the Pachyrhinosaurus (top row, centre) and Essien the Spinosaurus (middle).  The stegosaur (centre right) is Qichuan the Tuojiangosaurus, Gavin the Borealopelta (centre left).  Bottom row – centre the marine reptile model Atopodentatus (Zewail the Atopodentatus) and Caroline the Corythosaurus (bottom right).  Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view the new models and the entire range of PNSO prehistoric animal models in stock at Everything Dinosaur: PNSO Age of Dinosaurs.

The Magnificent Seven

The models that have arrived and are in stock are:

  • Caroline the Corythosaurus
  • Brian the Pachyrhinosaurus
  • Gavin the Borealopelta
  • Audrey the Lambeosaurus
  • Zewail the Atopodentatus – a replica of the bizarre Middle Triassic marine reptile from south-western China called Atopodentatus unicus.
  • Qichuan the Tuojiangosaurus
  • Essien the Spinosaurus – a new mid-size model of this famous theropod.  The model updates the iconic 1:35 scale “Essien” the Spinosaurus figure.

To read our latest post* about new PNSO figures for 2021 (Bart the Pinacosaurus): New PNSO Armoured Dinosaur Model – Pinacosaurus grangeri for 2021.

Brian the Pachyrhinosaurus Dinosaur Model

PNSO Pachyrhinosaurus model measurements.

The measurements of the PNSO Brian the Pachyrhinosaurus dinosaur model.  In stock at Everything Dinosaur, the model measures a fraction over 15 cm in length.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We know how keen collectors have been to access these new PNSO models and figures.  Today, we announce that the next seven new prehistoric animal models have arrived and are in stock.  These exciting replicas join Gaoyuan the Microraptor model, that arrived in the autumn of 2020.  Together they demonstrate Everything Dinosaur’s commitment to our partners PNSO and we feel proud and privileged to be able to bring these figures to a new audience.  The latest batch of new figures really are a magnificent seven!”

Visit the Everything Dinosaur website: Dinosaur Toys and Models.

The PNSO Atopodentatus Model Swims into Stock

The PNSO Atopodentatus marine reptile model.

The impressive head of the bizarre marine reptile Atopodentatus model.  Atopodentatus is the only non-dinosaur model to be added to Everything Dinosaur’s inventory in the latest shipment of PNSO products.