PNSO Domingo the Carnotaurus Model

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PNSO Domingo the Carnotaurus Model

Having announced the introduction of a replica of the giant South American theropod Carnotaurus (C. sastrei), on their various social media platforms, Everything Dinosaur have dedicated a blog post to this new for 2021 PNSO dinosaur model.  This provides the UK-based Everything Dinosaur the opportunity to post up some more images of this eagerly anticipated dinosaur, a figure that will be in stock later this year, perhaps in just a few weeks.

The New for 2021 Domingo the PNSO Carnotaurus Model

The PNSO Domingo the Carnotaurus dinosaur model.

PNSO Domingo the Carnotaurus dinosaur model.  The colouration and detailing on this new for 2021 theropod replica are quite remarkable.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Domingo the PNSO Carnotaurus

It is appropriate that the PNSO Carnotaurus (number 36 in the PNSO prehistoric animal models that accompany your growth series), has been given a Latin name (Domingo).  Fossils of this famous abelisaurid are known from southern Argentina.  Indeed, the majority of the abelisauroids described to date herald from the southern hemisphere (the ancient landmass of Gondwana).

Domingo the Carnotaurus Makes an Appearance on the Everything Dinosaur Blog

The PNSO Domingo the Carnotaurus dinosaur model.

PNSO Domingo the Carnotaurus dinosaur model.  The tiny forelimbs can be seen in this view of the dinosaur model.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Model Measurements

The PNSO Carnotaurus figure measures around 23.5 cm in length.  The height of those prominent head crests, the helped to give this dinosaur its name (Carnotaurus means meat-eating bull), are around 11.5 cm off the ground.  Although PNSO do not declare a scale for their mid-size range of dinosaurs, Everything Dinosaur team members estimate that this new for 2021 figure is in around 1/32th scale.

The Model Measurements and a Skeletal Reconstruction of Carnotaurus sastrei

The PNSO Domingo the Carnotaurus dinosaur model (model measurements).

PNSO Domingo the Carnotaurus dinosaur model (model measurements).  The model is approximately 23.5 cm long and the head height is around 11.5 cm.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

A Dinosaur Model with an Articulated Jaw

In common with other recently announced PNSO theropod replicas (A-shu the Qianzhousaurus and the new Wilson Tyrannosaurus rex model), this new Carnotaurus has an articulated lower jaw.

Domingo the Carnotaurus (PNSO) Complete with an Articulated Lower Jaw

PNSO Domingo the Carnotaurus dinosaur model (close-up view of the head).

The PNSO Domingo the Carnotaurus dinosaur model (close-up view of the head).  The close up view of the head of the new dinosaur model with its articulated lower jaw.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“The new PNSO Carnotaurus has been very carefully modelled on the fossil material and the body proportions including those reduced front limbs and that deep skull have been skilfully reproduced.  The hind legs are in the correct body proportions too.  A clear plastic support stand is provided to help stabilise the figure when on display.”

The Carnotaurus Packaging and a Diagram Showing the Chest Support for the Dinosaur Model

The PNSO Carnotaurus model (product packaging).

PNSO Carnotaurus (product packaging).  With realistic body proportions the model requires a support stand to help stabilise the figure.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

This remarkable model of a Late Cretaceous carnivorous dinosaur will be in stock at Everything Dinosaur in 2021.

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