The Mojo Fun Dinosaur Backpack and Playscape

Everything Dinosaur has received stock of the new, Mojo Fun dinosaur backpack and playscape.  This sturdy backpack which folds out to reveal a stunning prehistoric playscape is supplied with two dinosaur models.  Only a limited quantity is available and we expect this colourful, dinosaur-themed backpack to prove very popular with young dinosaur fans, especially with Christmas only a few months away.

The New Mojo Fun Combined Dinosaur Backpack and Playscape

Mojo Fun Dinosaur Backpack with Playscape.
The Mojo Fun dinosaur backpack with playscape features two Mojo Fun dinosaurs on the decorative front panel, a T. rex (left) and an Allosaurus (right).

A Dinosaur Playscape Inside

Ideal for creative, imaginative play and suitable for children aged three years and over, this dinosaur backpack once unzipped folds out into a roomy dinosaur-themed prehistoric playscape.  Young dinosaur fans can have fun wherever they go and Everything Dinosaur supplies two dinosaur models with the backpack along with a Mojo Fun catalogue, permitting budding junior palaeontologists to explore the other prehistoric animal models and figures available in the Mojo range.

The Mojo Fun Dinosaur Backpack Folds Out to Reveal a Wonderful Prehistoric Landscape

The Mojo Fun dinosaur backpack is supplied with two model dinosaurs.
The dinosaur backpack opens up to provide a playscape for dinosaur models. Two dinosaurs are included with the backpack along with a Mojo Fun collector’s catalogue.

The Mojo Fun Dinosaur Backpack has Sturdy Straps

A sturdy handle is located on the top of the backpack and there are two robust straps on the rear making this play set highly portable and easy to carry.  The play area is quite substantial, the maximum height of the playscape is 32 cm, the maximum length of the playscape area is a whopping 58 cm, so there is plenty of room for dinosaur models and toys to roam around.

The Mojo Fun Dinosaur Backpack/Playscape has Two Strong and Study Straps

Robust but conforrable straps on the backpack.
Study straps on the Mojo Fun dinosaur backpack and playscape.

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The colourful front panel features two Mojo dinosaur models, a Tyrannosaurus rex and the Mojo Fun Allosaurus.  The panel itself is embossed and raised slightly providing a stylish three-dimensional effect.

The Raised and Embossed Front Panel of the Backpack/Playscape

Mojo Fun dinosaur backpack - embossed dinosaur print.
The Mojo Fun dinosaur backpack with playscape has a raised and embossed dinosaur -themed design on the front panel.

A Super Dinosaur Gift

This item would make an ideal Christmas gift and it is superb value at just £16.66 plus tax (if applicable) and postage (price as of September 2020).  A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“The Mojo backpack combined with playscape is supplied with two dinosaur models so enthusiastic fans of the Dinosauria can play wherever they go.”

An Ideal Christmas Gift for a Young Dinosaur Fan

The Mojo Fun dinosaur backpack.
Beautifully presented! The Mojo Fun combined backpack and dinosaur themed playscape makes an ideal Christmas gift for young dinosaur fans.

The Mojo Fun dinosaur backpack and playscape combined can be found in the Mojo section of Everything Dinosaur’s website (whilst stocks last): Mojo Fun Prehistoric Animals.